(B&B) The Bold and the Beautiful Season 33 Episode 66 Recap

The Bold and the Beautiful as B&B is a television soap opera that premiered March 23, 1987. The serial aired its 8,000th episode on January 4, 2019. Here is a recap of The Bold and the Beautiful Season 33 Episode 66 that aired December 24th on CBS.

The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful 2019 are Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Denise Richards, Katrina Bowden, Adain Bradley, Wayne Brady, Darin Brooks, Scott Clifton,

At Brooke’s place, Hope reveals to her mom she has no other choice yet to work with Thomas what with the style confrontation coming up; he’s a decent creator and his manifestations work with her line. Brooke questions on the off chance that she accepts he’s proceeded onward. Expectation thinks perhaps things are changing since Thomas is keen on Zoe.

Expectation shrugs that it appears to be genuine; she’s happy he’s, in any event, endeavoring to proceed onward from her.”Thomas spots Zoe in the structure office; she’s eager to be back.

He asks what she and Steffy were discussing yesterday. Zoe concedes she was interested in both of them and she revealed to her they kissed. Thomas wouldn’t fret that she knows and kisses Zoe once more. Afterward, Carter spots Zoe and discloses to her he’s not judging yet is astounded Steffy was so lenient. He gets some information about her and Thomas, Hope Zoe talk in office Bold and Beautiful and Zoe discloses they’re attempting to show everybody the amount they’ve developed and changed. Carter’s doubtful about Thomas yet Ridge bolster him.

After Hope shows up and Zoe reveals to her Thomas is in a gathering. Zoe knows she’ll most likely consistently loathe her, yet she can’t despise her more than she abhors herself. Zoe opens up about their bond and why she’s keen on him. In the principle office, Steffy and Ridge wonder why Thomas needs a family meeting. Afterward, after Eric’s shown up, Thomas goes along with them and communicates that he is so thankful to them… and to Hope.

Steffy inquires as to whether he’s certain he’s prepared to work with her. He understands she’s concerned he’s as yet fixated and demands he’s definitely not. Thomas presumes this is still about Hope. He encourages his sister to observe how he acts; he won’t let them down. Edge embraces him. Afterward, Brooke discovers Steffy alone and goes up against her about procuring Zoe back.

Steffy clarifies their questions about Thomas and how Zoe came to be included. Brooke feels he’s simply concealing his fixation for Hope better. Steffy exhorts Liam’s thought was for Zoe to be their eyes and ears; that is the reason she’s back there.

Steffy trusts anything that’s going on between her sibling and Zoe is veritable, for the wellbeing of Thomas, however for Hope’s as well. Thomas discovers Zoe with Hope in the structure office and offers thanks to Hope for co-child rearing Douglas and consenting to work with him – he’ll win back her trust. He swears the old Thomas is no more.