Badland Hunters Ending Explained! What Happened to Su-na and the Community?

“Badland Hunters,” is the newest and most interesting Korean movie on Netflix. Heo Myung-haeng directed this dystopian action movie with a great cast that includes Ma Dong-seok, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Jun-young, and Roh Jeong-eui. The story takes place in Seoul after a terrible earthquake.

In this crazy movie ride, viewers are thrown into a wasteland after the end of the world, where law and order have broken down and a new breed of fighters called Badland Hunters have emerged. At the end of movie, What Happens to Badland Hunters Community?

Badland Hunters Plot: What Happens in the Movie

“Badland Hunters,” tells the story of a group of survivors who are led by Nam-sam (Ma Dong-seok), an experienced hunter, and Ji-wan, his trainee. The story takes place after Seoul has been destroyed. In this world after the end of the world, the Badland Hunters are the last line of defense against vicious thieves and mutant animals, and they have to look for supplies to keep their town going.

When an unknown group kidnaps Su-na, a well-liked member of the community, trouble starts to grow. This sets off a dangerous trip for Nam-sam, Ji-wan, and their friends, which reveals a sinister plan by Dr. Yang Gi-su (Lee Hee-joon). Gi-su does dangerous experiments on captured locals that turn them into mutants because he wants to live forever. Badland Hunters are fighting hard to stop Gi-su’s crazy trials. The fate of Su-na and the whole village is in danger.

Why does Dr. Yang Gi-su Become the Antagonist, and What Experiments Does He Do?

To figure out why the dangerous bad guy, Dr. Yang Gi-su, does what he does, we go back to a scene from before the earthquake that changed Seoul. Gi-su tries desperately to bring his daughter back to life by experimenting with a strange green liquid, but is quickly stopped by the police. Gi-su finds a way to live forever after miraculously surviving the earthquake thanks to the substance.

He starts a cult in The Apartment, the only building that is still standing, by offering to change people’s bodies to fit in with the new post-apocalyptic world. Gi-su, who is now a dictator, uses young people in his trials because their pituitary glands hold important information for his studies. Su-na takes part in this scary experiment, which shows a frightening twist in Gi-su’s plans.

Do Nam-sam and Ji-wan Succeed in a Dangerous Mission?

An intense turn in the story happens when Nam-sam and Ji-wan see the mysterious group kill Su-na’s grandma. To save Su-na, the Badland Hunters set out on a dangerous journey. Lee Eun-ho (An Ji-hye), a former sergeant who knows about Gi-su’s plans, is with them.

As the kids make their way through The Apartment, where they are locked up alone, they have to fight mutant soldiers who have been injected with Gi-su’s reptilian material. There is a lot at stake, and the only way to stop these monsters is with a fatal blow: cutting off their heads. The rescue team has to deal with tough problems that show how tough and skilled the Badland Hunters are in battle.

How Do the Badland Hunters Overcome Dr. Yang Gi-su? What Happens to Su-na and the Community?

In a thrilling ending, the Badland Hunters break into the building and start fighting violently with people inside. The team sees how horrible Gi-su’s experiments are when they go through troops who have been injected with the reptilian substance. While Nam-sam hits hard, Ji-wan saves Su-na (Roh Jeong-eui) and Lee Eun-ho (An Ji-hye) offers important support.

The battle has reached its peak, and Gi-su’s kingdom of scientific nightmares is doomed. When Nam-sam kills Gi-su, the terror he is spreading ends. Even after the end of the world, there is still hope thanks to a divine turn of events, which is shown by rain falling after a long, hot day.

The team goes back to their community, and Lee Eun-ho decides to stay and rebuild The Apartment. This makes for a happy finish in general. The Badland Hunters continue to take care of their friends and find joy amid the problems as life goes back to normal.

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