Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Who killed J.P.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 10-

Apple series Bad Sisters ends All becomes clear when the Garvey sisters unite behind Grace (Anne-Marie Duff) following the passing of her thuggish husband (Claes Bang), whom they all sought to kill. How passed away John Paul? Will detective brothers Tom (Brian Gleeson) and Matt (Daryl McCormack) discover the truth? Can this family now find some peace of mind now that J.P. is gone? For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Bad Sisters Episode, 10 Recap continue reading at

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Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

John Paul Williams and Grace are about to have sex the night of Grace’s birthday when his impotence gets in the way. He claims that she puts him under “pressure” to have a sexual relationship in order to hide his embarrassment. In the ensuing altercation, John Paul accuses Eva of being the cause of his impotence because, on Grace’s birthday, 10 years ago, she seduced him while they were all inebriated and passed out. He keeps saying that her sisters are a bad influence, and then he says that Eva’s drinking is what led to her miscarriage. Grace notices that J.P. is lying at this point, and when she smacks him for suggesting that women like Eva are unworthy of rape, he punches her in the stomach. Grace is fully desensitized by the violence and learns that what actually happened on her birthday 10 years ago was that he raped Eva.

She uses John Paul’s pajama to choke and kill him before going downstairs to watch “Isadora,” a 1968 movie starring Karel Reisz, and picking up a knitting needle. She finds the answer she needs in the film’s concluding scene, in which Vanessa Redgrave’s portrayal of Isadora is strangled after her scarf gets caught in the car’s rear tyre. She presents J.P.’s demise as an accident where he was suffocated and killed after his scarf got caught in the quad-back bike’s tyre. She then deals with the remaining evidence. Grace tells her sisters the next morning that when she requested an early night on her birthday, J.P. became irate and left to watch a football game at the pub as she went to bed. The sisters are secretly delighted that fate accomplished what they were powerless to do.

When Becka visits Matt in the present, he acts strangely before telling her that he is aware that she wasn’t with her sister on the night that J.P. died. Becka informs her sisters that their alibi has been disproven, claims the bartender was mistaken, and then departs. After discovering a note for it on Thomas’s table, Matt travels to Roger’s house. Angry, Roger describes how J.P. accused him of pedophilia and completely destroyed his life before making a suggestion about John Paul’s peculiar fascination with his sisters-in-law and his proximity to the cabin on the night of J.P.’s death. Matt accidentally tells Grace that John Paul is the one who got Roger arrested when he crosses the street to speak with her once again. In order to receive certain answers, Matt visits John Paul at his cottage in the woods. In the garbage, when he discovers out from the newspaper that John Paul faked going to the bar to watch the game, he breaks in (like Thomas had told him to do). As he searches for further information, he discovers the DVD of Isadora, notices how John Paul’s death is similar to that of the title character, and comes to the conclusion that John Paul was slain.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Did Ben kill J.P.?

During a meeting of the sisters, they ask Ursula to return the pentobarbital that she left at Ben’s house on Grace’s birthday. Since that evening, Ben and Ursula have not spoken, and he has been behaving aloof. It turned out that Ben thought Ursula was asking her to kill John Paul, which made him hate her. He ends their relationship. Ursula brings the pentobarbital to Eva’s home, where the sisters are squabbling over who actually killed John Paul in secret. Suddenly, Grace enters. Grace visited John Paul’s chamber in the attic after her meeting with Matt, where she found his hidden collection of porn and the chat where he attempted to bait Roger. A note telling her of J.P.’s autopsy was also delivered to her. Her sisters’ response when she shares this detail with them suggests that they were already aware of it. This results in their admission of trying to kill J.P. therefore the postmortem was carried out to confirm that John Paul was actually killed by one of them. Grace then goes into detail about how she killed John Paul. They are immediately freed from the devil’s grip that wrecked their lives when she also admits to knowing about the rape of Eva.

To meet with Becka and inform her of what he learned at the cabin, Matt phones. She leaves after informing her sisters of his spying. They are terrified of what is about to happen, and Grace departs to be with Blanaid. When Becka is discovered to have stolen the pentobarbital, Eva, Bibi, and Ursula scramble to intervene before Becka can do something dreadful to Matt. Becka tries to claim responsibility for the killing, but Matt sees right through her because he now has proof of what actually happened. Becka confesses her love for him, but he doesn’t return it, so she asks him to go. Due to her sorrow about killing Minna, Becka is on the verge of killing herself when the sisters come, but they are able to stop her.

Matt overhears Bibi discussing how they only attempted to kill J.P. as the sisters get ready for the repercussions of covering up a murder. He understands that they were protecting their sister and themselves from a hideous person who had caused great harm to their life and the lives of others, and he is very sympathetic. He debates whether to save them or his brother before deciding to burn the Garvey claim file. He informs Thomas, who is now the father of a daughter and whose wife is doing well, that Grace dropped her claim when they meet in the hospital. Thomas is ecstatic and wonders why, but Matt says he deserves to keep it a secret for Thomas’s sake, just as Thomas kept their father’s misdeeds and passing hidden for Matt’s sake.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 10: Ending

A little later, Grace moved in with Eva and Blanaid after vacating John Paul’s home. Blanaid is now a contented child who no longer feels ashamed of her mother and can dress up without her father calling her a slut. We learn that she summoned Roger to assist her make John Paul’s death seem like an accident when she goes and speaks with him. He had been at the door earlier in the evening, and J.P. had answered it, so she knew he was nearby. He begs Grace, with tears in his eyes, not to forget him. The five Garvey sisters are swimming at the Forty Foot in the closing scene. Eva’s ability as a mother is reinforced by Bibi, and Grace is no longer constrained by her marriage and John Paul but rather is a free spirit who is having a good time with her sisters.

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