Atresmedia begin new series ‘Alba’ adaptation of the Turkish drama Fatmagül

Alba series

Antena 3‘s new original Spanish series Alba which is Inspired by the globally successful Fatmagül has just begun its recordings, which will be spread over the next few months in different locations in the Community of Madrid and Alicante.

Unlike the Turkish version, It will have 13 chapters of 50 minutes in length.
The production is carried out by Boomerang TV and will be seen in the prime time of Antena 3 and the Atresplayer Premium.

Alba Synopsis
Alba (Elena Rivera) is a young woman without fear. However, after returning to her town for vacations, a promising night of partying is stained with tragedy when a group of boys sexually assaults her. The next day, she wakes up naked on the beach. A year earlier, when she left her predictable life behind, she could not imagine that in the big capital she would be reunited with Bruno, her usual neighbor, and for whom she had never been interested.

What, separated by a simple street, never happened, becomes possible in a city of four million inhabitants. In a chance encounter, as improbable as it is magical, Alba and Bruno fall head over heels in love. Nothing could separate them. Until that fateful night.

Inexplicably, three of the four attackers are Bruno’s best friends. But when Alba discovers the identity of the fourth man, the end of the nightmare is actually the beginning.

Alba Series Cast

The cast of the new series of Alba is led by Elena Rivera, who plays the protagonist of the story.

Alongside her are Eric Masip, Adriana Ozores, Álvaro Rico, Pol Hermoso, Jason Fernández, Beatriz Segura, Miquel Fernández, Jorge Silvestre, Tito Fernández, Pepa Gracia, Caterina Mengs, Candela Cruz, Antonio Gil, Jordi Ballester, Luis Iglesia, Franky Martín and Mario Santos.

Alba will be directed by Pablo Guerrero himself and by Carlota Martínez-Pereda. Lucía The writing team is made up of Irma Correa, Susana López, Javier Holgado and Carlos Vila, with Ignasi Rubio and Carlos Martin as script coordinators.

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