Are there any other Williams siblings than Porsha and Lauren?

Are there any other Williams siblings than Porsha and Lauren?

Many people, including Porsha Williams, assumed she would be only once and never again cast member when she originally joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was struggling to find her place amid the show’s other strong characters while also dealing with her fading marriage. Porsha became a popular favorite after making it past Season 5. Now that she’s left RHOA, Porsha has her own spinoff reality program, Porsha’s Family Matters, which focuses solely on her. As a result, people naturally want to learn everything they can about Porsha’s family, including who her siblings are. To discover more about Lauren, Brenton, and Hosea Williams III, keep scrolling.

What are the names of Porsha Williams’ siblings?

Porsha Williams is the younger sister of Lauren D’Andria Williams, the younger brother of Brenton Williams, and the older brother of Hosea Williams III.

Lauren Williams is most known for her appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s currently one of Porsha’s Family Matters’ primary cast members and remains one of her sister’s most ardent supporters.

Lauren, who is six years Porsha’s junior, is dependable and protective of her older sister. Lauren has been nothing but supportive of Porsha and Dennis as they try to figure out their co-parenting relationship, even assisting them in resolving some of their disagreements. Lauren’s calm demeanor, as a meditation aficionado, is understandable in the midst of the chaos.

In addition, the two sisters co-founded and run Go-Naked Hair, a high-end hair extensions firm. Lauren is a mother-to-daughter Baleigh when she isn’t helping manage the business or appearing on RHOA. Lauren’s baby daddy, Vernon, isn’t mentioned much on social media, and she prefers to keep her relationship life secret.

Brenton Williams, Porsha’s brother, is likewise younger than she is, though we don’t know by how much. Brenton prefers to remain anonymous, and he doesn’t even appear to have an Instagram account. Lauren shared one of the few photos of Brenton, which you can see above, but we don’t know much else about him.

Hosea Williams III, Porsha’s older brother, is the oldest of the Williams siblings and shares their revered grandfather’s name, civil rights leader Hosea Williams Sr. Hosea has certainly taken his grandfather’s legacy to heart since he is likewise very involved in his community.

Hosea is associated with Hosea Helps, which developed out of Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, the siblings’ grandfather’s organization formed in 1971. Hosea Helps “provides free services for families and individuals in need,” with programs to assist the homeless, provide child care, and more. You can make a donation to one of the organization’s many worthwhile causes here.

Hosea married his long-time girlfriend Rhonda in May 2017. Porsha and Lauren made sure to welcome Rhonda into the family, and Porsha shared beautiful photos from the wedding, along with a sweet message for the pair that read, “Screaming other Huge Congratulations to my big Brother Hosea @lorenzos ATL & @rhodub!” I wish you all a happy life filled with LOVE and happiness.”


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