Are Diamond Jack & Carlton Morton From “Love Is Blind” Still Together?

Are Diamond Jack & Carlton Morton Still Together? – Love Is Blind” is a reality television series that explores the concept of finding love without physical appearances influencing decisions. Participants engage in conversations within isolated pods, unable to see one another. As they develop connections, they eventually decide if they want to pursue a relationship, culminating in a marriage proposal. Couples then meet face-to-face and proceed through various stages, including a honeymoon and cohabitation, before committing to marriage or parting ways.

The show, produced by Kinetic Content, aims to challenge societal norms, emphasizing emotional connections over physical attraction and is widely popular for its unique approach to dating.

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Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton were a notable pair in the debut season of Love Is Blind. The show, which premiered in February 2020, features couples falling in love and getting engaged before meeting in person. Although Diamond and Carlton initially connected, their relationship eventually dissolved. They planned to marry but ultimately parted ways in Mexico. This has led to curiosity about their current relationship status following a previous reunion.

During the first season reunion episode, Diamond and Carlton resolved their differences after a lengthy separation. The couple had a heated argument that resulted in their breakup when Carlton revealed his homosexuality. Diamond felt betrayed when Carlton admitted his bisexuality, as she believed he had been concealing something from her. At the reunion, Carlton sought to rebuild their relationship as friends. However, Diamond quickly severed all social media connections with her former fiancé.

Are Diamond Jack & Carlton Morton Still Together?

It is confirmed that Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton are not romantically involved. Diamond has alleged that Carlton proposed to her on the show due to her fame. Subsequently, she continued her reality TV journey on Netflix’s Perfect Match, which aired in February 2023 after being filmed the previous year. Despite not finding any matches on the show, she briefly paired up with Will Richardson from The Mole before leaving. Currently, Diamond’s social media activity implies she is single. The former NBA dancer is focusing on her acting career and pursuing a doctorate in optometry, appearing content and private about her personal life.

Carlton Morton’s social media suggests he is in a relationship, but he is likely single. Diamond accuses him of being deceptive, frequently referencing his Love is Blind appearances. He shared a photo from the show with the caption, “Never Forget.” After losing over 100K followers due to a claimed hacking incident, Carlton now has around 10,000 followers on Instagram. Recently parting ways with Diamond, he seems eager to find love again.

It appears best for both Diamond and Carlton to maintain their distance. Although they are no longer connected through Love is Blind, both seem to thrive independently.

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