Apple TV+ “Jane” Filming Locations: Where Was “Jane” Filmed?

“Jane,” a live-action educational adventure kids’ show on Apple TV+  made by J.J. Johnson. The show is about a 9-year-old girl named Jane Garcia who wants to be an environmentalist and goes on quests to save species that are in danger of going extinct. Jane and her ape friends David and Greybeard use their imaginations to save wild animals all over the world. She gets the idea for this from Jane Goodall’s work.
Jane goes on adventures in her head to save wild animals all over the world with her friends David and Greybeard the monkey. You may be wondering where these events took place. Let’s look at the beautiful places where “Jane” was filmed.

Where Was “Jane” Filmed?

The show is mostly made in Toronto, Ontario, and Los Angeles, California, but some episodes are also filmed in other cities around the world. Here’s a better look at the beautiful places where “Jane” was filmed:

 “Jane” Filmed Toronto, Ontario:

The filming of “Jane” takes place in Toronto, which provides snowy scenery, complex sets, and complex special effects. The landscape of the city provides many shooting locations. David in a panda costume shot a famous scene with Greybeard and great pandas in a city park.

The film crew caught scenes of the kids playing on the coast of South California in Los Angeles County, California. Protecting marine habitats and endangered species like the California sea otter and the Pacific leatherback sea turtle is very important, and the coastal landscape shows this.

 “Jane” Filmed Catalina Island, California:

Jane’s adventures, like boat rides and shark cage diving, take place on Catalina Island, which has rough scenery that makes for a captivating setting. There is rare wildlife on the island, like the Catalina Island fox and the Santa Catalina rattlesnake.

 “Jane” Filmed Costa Rica’s Limón Province

It takes place in the lush jungles of Costa Rica’s Limón Province, which is the setting for “Jane.” Scenes shot in the shallows show off Costa Rica’s biodiversity, with threatened species like the green sea turtle, spider monkey, and jaguar swimming with bright tropical fish.

 “Jane” Filmed Kenya

The vast savannahs of Kenya are often thought of as the true wilds of Africa. They are home to threatened species like the African elephant, the black rhinoceros, the Masai giraffe, and the African lion. The show shows how people are working to protect these beautiful animals and their homes.

“Jane” is a beautiful look at different environments and how important it is to protect them. The show encourages viewers to care about the environment and the animals that live in it by showing these beautiful filming sites.

Soon, will have more news about “Jane,” such as previews and recaps of the newest shows.

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