[Apple TV+] Criminal Record Episode 4 Recap: Who is Carla?

Criminal Record Season 1 gets closer to finding out the truth about the Adelaide Burrows case. In Episode 4, the probe into who killed Isaac Whitlow and June’s never-ending search for justice are the main topics. A woman says she knows Carla and thinks she is the person who didn’t give her name. tvacute talks about the episode 4 recap and who is Carla.

Criminal Record Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 starts right after June’s press conference at the Isaac Whitlow news conference. Because of a past of police terror, there are problems in her own family that are similar to bigger problems in the police force. As  DCI Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) questions Jason Reeve, the plan thickens. Reeve admits to shooting Isaac Whitlow, but Daniel still has doubts about who did it.

DS June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) is more determined than ever to find the mysterious caller who knows who killed Adelaide Burrowes. As the complicated dance between truth and lies goes on, Daniel and his friends seem eager to hide the truth. Patrick’s presence adds another level to the story by linking personal relationships to the main ideas of justice and corruption. As news spreads that Patrick is dating Daniel’s daughter Lisa behind Daniel’s back, the lines between personal and business loyalty become less clear. In a shocking turn of events, Amit Ceker is charged with killing Isaac Whitlow. However, getting justice isn’t easy because June is being accused of bullying at work.

Criminal Record Episode 4: Who is Carla?

In episode 4, Carla is described as a cleaner in the area, and as the probe goes on, June is shown a better picture of her. During the investigation, a big step forward is made when Carla is named as the emergency caller from Hayes Lane who has been hard to find. She knows who the real killer in the Adelaide Burrowes case is. This new information gives Sonya Singh (Ausha Kala) and June hope, but Carla is still hard to find. Who is Carla, and why does she not want to help the people who are trying to find the truth?

While learning more about Carla, we are forced to face the hard truth that seeking justice isn’t always easy. The story has a lot of depth because of how complicated people’s situations are and how people interact with the police. Carla’s journey becomes a symbol of the battles many people go through when they try to change a system that seems to care more about protecting itself than finding the truth.

Criminal Record: Who is Errol Mathis?

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