Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: ‘Revelation’


In the end, however, the altercation between Pope and Thompson went as least as poorly as you could have imagined. The only thing that gave Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 8 any sort of a plot line was Pope’s revelation regarding Thompson, since Deran, Tommy, and J’s side quest for “booty” and Craig and Renn’s drunken antics occupied most of the episode. How’s it all turn out to read the recap below

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9: Pope is hauled in for interrogation

Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 8 Recap

Pope recognized a problem in the Animal Kingdom show that aired tonight. From the minute he noticed a cereal box out of place, he was aware of it. Even J was questioned about it. No one else in the family, including J, touched the cereal. They were all aware that Pope did that. They were also capable of putting it back. That last bit was a surprise to the person who ate his breakfast. They were unaware of Pope’s system. He rotates each label in the same direction. He learned it when he was younger and was very particular about it. Pope prefers to focus on his strengths. He was still robbing bars with his family in his thirties because of this. He had the option to leave at any time.

Pope just fails to take into account social cues. It took him time to realize that his twin sister was having an affair with his best friend, and he didn’t fully understand until his mother continually called his attention to their peculiar behavior. Up until that point, he had no idea. He socialized with both without a second thought. He wasn’t even aware when they initially began sharing a bed. But his mother caught on. She could tell based only on how they interacted with one another. The fact that Smurf discovered a girl’s underpants in Baz’s wash didn’t help either. Smurf took action to halt it once she learned what was happening. Baz was essentially raised by Smurf since he was a child. He was one of her children, in her eyes. She described him as being like a son to him and to everyone else. Once she realized she was having an affair with Baz, she conveyed this to Julia and advised her to keep an eye on her brothers.


In order to remind Julia that she was actually sleeping with her foster brother, Smurf said that. Someone she knew growing up. When Julia initially understood that for herself, she was horrified, but it didn’t deter her from pursuing Baz. Baz attempted to be covert. Julia was the one that was constantly pushing things. She did everything in her power to obtain Baz, who she coveted.

Pope was looking for the guy who tampered with his cereal in the present. He went through the entire house looking for any places where a bug might have been hidden. He couldn’t locate one. Only Pope recalled Taylor’s purported mother as well. He found it strange that she would approach him and ask to look at his car.

Papa visited Taylor. About his mother, he inquired. He made an effort to corroborate the woman’s account. He challenged Taylor as soon as he recognized it was a lie. He got hit by him. Until Taylor acknowledged the woman was a police officer, he actually wrenched her arm. He was unaware of her name.

She wasn’t from Oceanside, Taylor just knew that. He claimed the policeman was an issue. He didn’t need her to threaten to revoke his probation, but he made the point that she doesn’t operate in a conventional manner. She asked Taylor to demonstrate how to get inside Pope’s home. She doesn’t follow the law or obtain warrants, for example. She appeared to be acting in her own self-interest. Taylor was unaware of her true identity. Pope went to a friend to ask about it since he was interested. He requested that a friend investigates this woman on his behalf. His friend then questioned why he couldn’t simply ask his brothers to assist.

Pope was opposed to using his brothers. Before he had something specific, he wanted to wait before telling them anything. His family was already very busy. Renn and their kid Nick were spending the day with Craig – A trip to the zoo with Nick. Craig even decided to rekindle his romance with Renn. Now that they were sleeping together once more, he wasn’t criticizing her for doing cocaine. When he discovered her with drugs this time, he joined her.

Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 8 Recap-

In the meantime, Deran and J were robbing a location at the suggestion of one of Deran’s bar employees. A simple smash and grab were used. Fun was had. Until it wasn’t, it was simple. The individual who was meant to be doing the job of spotting potential in a third party was caught and severely beaten before J committed assault to free him.  Their friend also sustained a serious leg cut. J had to fix it back at the house for him. He claimed that the scar will serve as a reminder to never make the same mistake twice and to always follow the advice of experts.

But Renn and Craig overindulged in drugs. They also began to drink. For Nick the infant, it was quickly turning into a dangerous situation. They were drunk and were driving with the poor baby in the backseat. Even worse, they looted a shop. Craig was left to drive Renn away after she looted the store where she was supposed to get up more alcohol. Thus, both those two and their youngster were putting their lives in danger.

By the time Craig fell asleep, he woke up. He awoke in an unfamiliar apartment. Renn had vanished. Craig had to rely on the compassion of a stranger to free his son from a filthy diaper after she left to go score and left the diaper bag behind.

Pope, meantime, confronted the enigmatic officer. He entered her hotel room illegally. She astonished him by inquiring as to who murdered Catherine after he had declared that he wouldn’t be paying off corrupt police because they usually demanded more. And it’s not known if he killed this woman or not; he did, however, inform his family that a police officer was tailing him and that he had previously killed Catherine.

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