Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date & Promo of “Splinter”

In Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 6, tensions were at their peak as Deran  (Jake Weary) continued to position himself as the leader of the family. Meanwhile, the most emotional moment was when Pope (Shawn Hatosy) was talking to Smurf while driving in the desert and contemplating suicide.  Pope apologizes to Cassandra for killing Catherine (Daniella Alonso), claiming that Smurf forced her to do so. We have reached the halfway point of the season. And there’s still a lot left to learn. Pamela (Charlayne Woodard), the biggest role of this season, will her character remain as strong as Samarf? Will she continue to offer more job offers to the Cody Boys? Will Cody continue to try to acquire assets? Will the Pope return as his journey is still on? To know all this, we have to move towards the next story. To know more about Animal Kingdom Season 5 New Episode 7 titled “Splinter”, enjoy its synopsis and promo with Along with this, you can also read the recap of episode 6 of Animal Kingdom Season 5,  to make better sense for the new episodes.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7 Promo

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

Animal Kingdom Episode 507 Synopsis: Pope confronts his demons with the help of a desert guru. Deran marks his territory as J handles business. Craig struggles with the demands of fatherhood and the temptations of his old life.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date

“Animal Kingdom” Season 5 Episode 7 will release on Sunday, August 22 at 9 pm ET/PT On TNT which is the parent network of the series, apart from this you can watch all the previous seasons of Animal Kingdom on Amazon Prime Video so that it is better to watch the new episodes TNT.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7 – Splinter – Photos

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

In the last episode, with flashbacks, young Janine was solidifying her roots. She wants to get a place by sea for her son Andrew because she felt that the water had calmed her down. The grown-up Pope opposes the choices made by his mother. He doesn’t have a father. In the present, Pope sees his mother’s face everywhere and is furious. And the Pope thinks. Wandering in the desert searching for a place to find peace and leaving behind his brothers and nephews a lonely job. But someone else was found to take his place. They approach Ren and she agrees. But Craig didn’t like it. Daren gets angry.

Pope is in the desert and is talking to Smurf, and she is angry with him for not telling him about his father, and that he wants her to die too. While driving, he takes out a revolver and holds it under his chin. But suddenly collides with another vehicle and falls down the road. He notices a symbol that talks to him and decide to pursue him.

Young Smurf, (Leila George ) is playing a trick in Max’s town. He comes home to beat Jake.  Pope arrives at a religious organization led by Mickey, a priest. The boys meet with Pam for the job and provide them with additional information, and say they will talk about the next steps later, which upsets the boys as she means they have to return the property and Will take more time.

When Cody Boys arrive at work as construction workers, one of Marion’s co-workers suspects them, and they encourage Ren to turn up the music louder. Marion’s attention.
Ren flirts with Marion, and she exploits him to distract her, but he wants the music to stop so he can give a speech, and he hears all the drilling. They break down the wall, but it’s not Marion’s office as they believed it to be. This is a storage facility.

They then drill through the wall again, so Deran (Jake Weary) says they have had enough time to get the vault through a window in the office. Marion gets a call from her friend Warren, who informs her that she didn’t get the construction signed that day.
Marion rushes to the office to go in, but the boys have locked it up. And when Ren comes to investigate what’s going on, Marion suspects she’s involved and that her men have captured her. They throw the safe out the window and jump out just in time. After a brief fight tries to enter the van. But Craig is still worried about Ren. Deran becomes very cruel. Jay intervenes. Craig tells Deran that he sounds like a Smurf and that they should all be on the phone together. In the end, Deran isn’t ready to hand over the vault yet.

Somewhere in the midst of despair, Pope encounters a woman named Cassandra.
Mickey, the head of the Cult Church, gives the Pope something to drink. Pope drinks it.
Smurf informs Andrew about Jake’s beating by Max Cross, and Smurf instructs Julia to stop crying. Pope withdraws from the group as the drugs begin to work. Cassandra follows him and sees someone he knew. She reminds him of Catherine.

Deran informs Pamela (Charlayne Woodard)  that he will not hand her anything until she signs a memorandum. Ren has sex with Craig (Ben Robson) on adrenaline. One of the other men in the church, Brian, claims that he can see the Pope for who he really is. Officer Chadwick contacts J (Finn Cole). He agrees and asks to see a film about his family. Janine: If you ever come to my kids again, I’ll kill you. She confronts Max and agrees to give him 30% of her earnings in exchange for two grand. Cassandra and Pope spend their day in the desert sleeping in the middle of the road. She claims that she is not afraid of him. After the job, Deran returns to Cody House and appears satisfied with his activities.

Synopsis Source: Spikytv

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