American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 10 Recap -“The Future Perfect”

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 10 Recap -

In the first scene of the AHS: Death Valley finale recap of the episode, a mob is seen protesting and demanding an end to the Vietnam War in 1972. President Richard Nixon is worried about his future. Thor claims that if people are focused on the battle, they will not be worrying about the thousands of Americans who have gone missing. It should be noted that creating an alien-human hybrid is a difficult undertaking that takes years of experimentation. However, they estimate that the first fully functional hybrid will be born in the year 2021. Dick isn’t willing to put his entire career on hold for one of his minor annoyances. Thor gives him a threatening before leaving. Another species invading the White House is revealed to be Henry, the president’s advisor. After three years, a bedridden Ike and Mamie are watching TV when Ike spots Henry’s pupils.

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 10 Recap -"The Future Perfect"

Valiant Thor and his people aren’t the only ones there, he admits to Mamie. Another group of people dwells among them; they are the aliens’ rivals. Valiant Thor then pays him a visit. Who’s to say they won’t be able to transport him to Area 51. He doesn’t have to perish. They continue to hold him in the highest regard. Ike informs him and Mamie that they are meant to be together and then passes away. Dick Nixon is impeached by Mamie and Valiant Thor. Despite the possibility of a prosecution, Dick refuses to quit. Thor, ever valiant, steps in and performs a medical treatment on Dick. Nixon announces his resignation the next day. Mamie also determines that she’s earned another honorable exit from the stage after everything she’s accomplished. She made the entire world enjoy pink. She allowed Americans to enjoy their birthdays, Halloween, and Thanksgiving without fear of retaliation. She now prefers a peaceful death and, as Thor promised, she wants to live indefinitely. It’s 1979, and Mamie is listening to the radio as her death is announced.

Valiant admits to Mamie that the reason his race traveled billions of kilometers to dwell in the bleak, empty, and death-filled region 51 is that their planet looks a lot like it. Thor then welcomes her to Area 51, where she makes friends with Calico. Cal and Troy were brutally murdered by their spawn in 2021. The guards barge into the building. Mamie is relaxing in her opulent private suite. Guards then proceed to the fictitious moon landing location, where they discover the bodies of the two men. The alien attacks a guard there, but they manage to defeat it. Theta, a hybrid alien, appears and instructs them to grab the infant and transport him to the lab, as they haven’t seen anything like this in at least two cycles. Kendall and Jamie are about to have birth. Theta informs them that the specimen that arrived before theirs was the closest to perfection they’ve reached in 60 years. One of the ladies is going to give birth to the ideal specimen.

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 10 Recap -"The Future Perfect"

Jamie and her child are assassinated. Kendall gives birth to the beautiful baby and the creation. Theta is overjoyed that they have made it to Earth and that the experiment is now over. Kendall then informs Theta that it’s only a matter of time before they get together. They’ll get bored, complacent, and lazy if they don’t have them, without conquest. As she is the ideal breeding machine, Theta removes her head and replaces it with an alien tech Circular head. Calico organizes a birthday party for Mamie. They then discover that the world’s first hybrid has just been born. She then speaks with Valiant, who confirms her suspicions. He adds that they would now manufacture as many as they can in the shortest amount of time. They’re also going to make their own universe, free of people. In recognition of everything she’s done for his kind, he assures her that some people, including herself, will be spared. Mamie discovers that they will be sharing the world with the reptiles. He argues that while they are cold-blooded and repulsive, they possess attributes that they appreciate as well as the technology that they require. Mamie goes to view the baby and exclaims, “I didn’t anticipate it to be so lovely.”

Calico discovers that they’re going to murder them. Mamie advises them to fight back. She proposes that the aliens destroy the kid and the body that gave birth to it, and then start over. Allowing humanity some time to wake up and save itself. When Mamie and Calico visit Theta, they learn that another baby has been born. According to Theta, the gestation period was shortened. By next week, the process will have accelerated to a new child per hour. Mamie grabs the knife, assuming Theta is on her side and is about to kill the newborn when she stops her and states that her humanity is her biggest shame. She will not aid people who have depleted the planet’s natural resources, and she considers mankind to be hypocrites. Calico agrees to aid Mamie. Before splattering Mamie’s brains all over the wall, Theta confronts Calico and reminds her that the children need a mother to nurture them. Calico assists Theta with another delivery and holds another flawless specimen in her arms at the end of the episode.

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