All American Season 3 Episode 5 “How Come” TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH

All American Season 3 Episode 5

There is a show about All American Football that is inspired by the life of pro football player Spencer Pezinger and fans also like to watch the rest of the characters along with Jordan’s story. In the 4th episode of All American Season 3, we saw Spencer agree with Layla and meet Dr. Sears about his shoulder. Dr. Sears realizes that Spencer and Olivia are in love with each other. On the other hand, Olivia is still with her undesirable boyfriend, Asher who struggles to join Coach Montes’s (Alexandra Barreto) team.

The fans of All American will be excited about the upcoming new episode five whose title is “How Come.” We tell you this will be an emotional episode. Laura (Monet Mazur) may get upset with Olivia (Samantha Logan). If you want to know more about All American season 3 episode 5, then you can get information from its promo and Synopsis.

Kelli Williams directed the episode written by Robert D. Doty. Taye Diggs, Cody Christian, Karimah Westbrook also star.

All American Season 3 Episode 5, will release on Feb 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW. If you want to watch the free episodes, you have to go to The CW app and catch up on the episode the next day for free.

All American Season 3 Episode 5 Synopsis

TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH – After Spencer (Daniel Ezra) gets some sage advice, he and the team rally around Chris (guest star Spence Moore II) to help him with his trauma, leaving Spencer to realize it’s time, to be honest with Coop (Bre-Z) to get over his. Laura (Monet Mazur) grows concerned about Olivia’s (Samantha Logan) sobriety when she notices a change in her behavior, resulting in Laura doing something that could jeopardize their relationship.

Jordan (Michael Evan Behling) gets sidelined during a game, but his eagerness to get back on the field might have a long-term consequence. Meanwhile, Layla (Greta Onieogou) hits a dead end with her lawsuit, so Patience (Chelsea Tavares) takes matters into her own hands knowing Coop won’t be happy when she finds out.

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