Next On: Alaska Daily Episode 2: Roz and Eileen locate Gloria’s killer

The first episode of Alaska Daily aired on ABC on Oct 6. The show invited viewers into the newsroom of a daily newspaper, where a group of reporters, including the character that Hilary Swank plays, are attempting to uncover the truth behind a string of unexplained disappearances. (Swank). The episode ended with Yuna (Ami Park) bringing her Jordan Teller scoop to the media, but she doesn’t want her write-up on it. Eileen calms her down, saying their job is hard but important. Yuna hugs her after she encourages local journalism. As Yuna goes away, Eileen has yet another panic attack. What will happen next? Allow to supply you with all of the information you’ll need to watch the latest episode 2 of ‘ Alaska Daily Season 1.

Next On: Alaska Daily Episode 3: In Gloria’s case, Eileen and Rose visit Meade
 Alaska Daily Episode 2 Recap 

Alaska Daily Episode 2 Spoilers

Given how much this series focuses on journalism, we are anticipating that Eileen (Hilary Swan) will employ a wide variety of strategies in her pursuit of the truth during the course of the show. This will be a program that isn’t afraid to delve deep or explore some dark areas. “A Place We Came Together” will be the title of a new episode. When Roz (Grace Dove ) and Eileen locate a lead in Gloria’s case, Eileen calls in a favor to assist them to hunt down the person of interest. This allows Roz and Eileen to work together to solve Gloria’s case. In the meantime, Claire (Meredith Holzman ) is looking into the reasons behind the well-known local restaurant Rita’s decision to sell to a large multinational. Yuna discovers that there is not always a reward for success in journalism after she is given the opportunity to write a piece that will appear on the top page.  You can read the complete summary of the Alaska Daily Episode 2 below, along with some further information regarding the future:

Alaska Daily Episode 2 Synopsis:  When Roz and Eileen find a lead in Gloria’s case, Eileen calls in a favor to help them track down the person of interest. Meanwhile, Claire investigates why the beloved local restaurant Rita’s is selling to a big corporation. After landing her first front-page story, Yuna learns that success in journalism sometimes comes at a cost.

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Alaska Daily Episode 2 Release Date

Alaska Daily Episode 2 is scheduled to premiere on October 13, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. On ABC. Not everyone, though, has access to it. No need to be concerned! Episodes of Alaska Daily will also be available to watch on Hulu. When though? the next morning! Alaska Daily Episode 1 will therefore be available on Hulu on October 14th.

Alaska Daily Episode 1 Recap

Swank plays Eileen Fitzgerald, who is hounding a source for dirt on a future Secretary of Defense. Eileen works for a Buzzfeed-like news outlet called The Vanguard. When another colleague advises her about going to the press with only one source, she dismisses him. The following day, the general alleges Eileen’s documents were fabricated. Her source won’t return calls. She ignores the general’s litigation threats, but her editor brings up staff complaints about Eileen’s aggressive behavior. When the editor recommends rewriting Eileen’s tale, she threatens to quit. Four months later, it appears she did. Eileen is writing a book about the general, who is now the defense secretary, when her former boss Stanley, played by Scandal’s Jeff Perry, visits her. He now runs the Daily Alaskan in Anchorage, but she rejects his employment offer. Stanley gives her an image of Gloria Nanmac, a missing Indigenous woman, at supper. Police ruled out a foul play when her body was located, but her mother disagrees.

Stanley hands Eileen a pile of missing Indigenous women when she thinks it’s a small-time crime. Eileen is fascinated and does some research; before she knows it, she’s in Alaska.It’s not easy: She faints mid-flight and doesn’t recognize she experienced a panic attack until Melinda describes it to her. Gabriel (Pablo Castelblanco) gives her an eye mask in Anchorage, where the sun doesn’t set until 11:30 pm. The following morning, he takes her to the Daily Alaskan’s strip mall headquarters. The small, fluorescent-lit newsroom has real-time click stats, but they barely top 1,000 readers. At the daily news conference, Eileen attacks the paper’s ineffective legal team. Sylvia, Gloria’s mother, rejects her since the newspaper misrepresented her daughter as a criminal. Stanley anticipates this and pairs Eileen with Roz, a local cub reporter (Grace Dove). She’s as feisty as Eileen, and neither wants to tell the narrative, so they’ll make a wonderful combination.

Eileen searches Gloria’s social media and discovers Toby Crenshaw, the party’s host. She calls a favor to collect police documents on another case. A nude man flashing a gun at cops seemed weird at first. When reporter Yuna (Ami Park) investigates the nude man, he says Jordan Teller is his boyfriend and purchased the flat for him, but kicked him out following financial issues. Teller is being probed for embezzlement. The plot thickens. Eileen argues with Roz when she suggests Gloria committed suicide, and she receives a threatening phone from “a concerned citizen” ordering her to return to New York “before something awful happens.. Yuna hunts down Jordan Teller to obtain his opinion on the naked guy’s charges against him. Eileen goes to talk to Gloria’s mother Sylvia again, this time with Roz by her side. Sylvia resists until Roz tells her about her own missing cousin. Sylvia admits that Gloria’s body must have been dragged because her crutches weren’t nearby. Initial reports omitted her need for crutches. Yuna brings her Jordan Teller scoop to the media, but she doesn’t want her write-up on it. Eileen calms her down, saying their job is hard but important. Yuna hugs her after she encourages local journalism. As Yuna goes away, Eileen has yet another panic attack, lying behind a parked car.

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