AHS Stories Episode 4: “The Naughty List” Spoilers, Release Date & Episode 3 recap

American Horror Stories, the AHS spin-off series, premiered last Thursday with a double premier. The series will release one new episode every week after the completion of the first two episodes. but the first two episodes were two parts of the same story. The best part  Every episode will feature a different horror story that will keep fans excited and it was a great way to grab the attention of the viewers.  Fans loved the show after they watched the first three episodes. Watch AHS Stories Episode 4 Promo (updated)

As we know, Lynch and Grossman were both familiar faces in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” universe, this episode did not revisit them. Instead, “Drive-In,” provided a decent, frightening beat in the middle episode. but that was it. The two-part premiere left it open-ended in the same way. Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), is not really known from this story. She has never been seen in the present, as she travels the world with her dead love. So are you getting desperate to know what is coming next in AHS Spinoff: Episode 4? Let’s find out with  www.tvacute.com.  

AHS Stories have focused more on myths, urban legends, and other horror stories. Such as the Ouija board, and the killer Santa Claus. From the upcoming new episode 4 title, “The Naughty List”, will follow Santa Claus with a spooky Christmas celebration. who has a vengeance to kill mischievous teens, and a disturbing video content is posted online. to come The new story is inspired by Alpine folk tales. The one with an evil horn that accompanies St. Nicholas. Krampus’s job is to punish mischievous people. Read the official synopsis:  A group of influencers faces a reckoning after posting a problematic video” The episode was directed by Max Winkler and written by Manny Coto.

The episode stars Danny Trejo, Dylon Burnside, Charles melton, Nico Greetham, and Kevin McHale.  Danny Trejo is stepping into the AHS universe with another name, Dylan Burnside, who stars in FX’s Pose. Finally, there’s Riverside’s Charles Melton. It will be interesting to see how American Horror Stories is bringing together so many familiar faces.

American Horror Story Spinoff: Episode 4 Release Date

The fourth episode of the AHS spinoff series will be released on July 29, 2021. The new episode will air at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). AHS Spinoff season 1 episode 4 can be watched on Hulu. Australian viewers can catch the episodes on Binge a day later, on July 30. In the whole spin-off series, there is a total of 16 episodes. The first 7 episodes are streaming on weekly basis. Whereas, the rest 9 episodes will be released by the end of this year. 

Where can I stream AHS Stories Ep-4 online?

To watch American Horror Stories episode 4, you can go to FX on Hulu. You can simply head to Hulu to watch the episode as soon as it is released. Hulu’s official site is the best place to find ad-free entertainment. New users can still get a 30-day free trial of the streaming platform. The series is not currently streaming on Netflix.

American Horror Story Spin off Ep- 3 “Drive-In” Recap

American Horror Stories returns with its third installment in Ryan Murphy‘s and Brad Falchuk’s spin-off anthology stories. Last week’s episode brought viewers back to American Horror Story’s Murder House. “Drive-In” highlights the Starlite Drive-In. This drive-in will screen a cursed movie that hasn’t been aired since 1986 to help bring drive-ins back to the mainstream. Chad, a high schooler, sees the Rabbit Rabbit premiere as an opportunity to show some action to his shy girlfriend Kelley (Madison Bailey).

Chad does extensive research on Reddit about how to get his girlfriend into the mood. He uses Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” to trigger an ASMR response from her while they have sex. Surprisingly, this doesn’t work and they end up fighting. He tells his friends about it and they end up arguing.

Kelley talks about the fight with Dee. Ben J. Pierce believes Kelley’s fear motivated his response. Later, Chad makes an apology to Kelley and agrees to take him to the drive-in. A protester (Naomi Grossman), urges moviegoers to not watch the film and instead go home. Later, she tells Chad that her boyfriend turned violent during the 1986 screening and pulled out one of her eyes.

The movie grabs everyone’s attention when it starts. Except for Chad, who is busy celebrating their 6-month anniversary. Their vision is blocked by fogging in their car windows. The screaming starts. The audience becomes violent and starts killing each other, just like in 1986. Dee and Chad lose their friends, but Kelley & Chad survive.

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