A Korean Remake “The House of Paper,” Cast Revealed

A Korean Remake “The House of Paper,” Cast Revealed

BH Entertainment has announced that they will produce Netflix‘s most watch series Money Heist is reportedly getting a Korean remake“The House of Paper,” according to Soompi . Korean fans are very enthusiastic about the news that the Korean variant of the “Paper House” will be delivered.

The House of Paper‘ is a Spanish TV drama that has been broadcast since 2017. It contains the story of one genius and eight accomplices attacking the Mint and the Central Bank. Through Netflix, viewers from around the world met with viewers from over 190 countries, and it made a frenzy.

Korean version series Paper’s House Cast Lineup

The Professor – Jo Jin Woong
Tokyo – Bae Doo Na
Berlin – Cha Seung Won
Nairobi – Jin Seo Yeon
Rio – Lee Hyun Woo
Denver – Ryu Jun Yeol
Moscow – Go Chang Suk
Helsinki – Ma Dong Seok
Oslo – Kim Dae Myung
Lisbon – Kim Hye Soo
Angel Rubio – Jo Jae Yoon
Arturo – Kim Eui Sung
Monica – Jung Ryeo Won
Prieto – Lee Kyung Young

Including cast Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Ji Tae, Go Soo, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, and Kim Go Eun.

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