911 Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Who Killed Tanya Kingston in 9-1-1?

911 Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

911 Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Who Killed Tanya Kingston in 9-1-1? Is Athena’s Father a Killer? The Truth About Tanya Is Revealed

The heartbreaking narrative from Athena’s past one she didn’t even realize was unfinished was finally told in 911 Season 6 Episode 3. Athena has been troubled by the memory of her childhood best friend Tanya Kingston’s passing for many years. At the end of episode 2, she found out where the body was buried, but this raised questions about whether or not her own family was implicated in what had occurred. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in 911 Season 6 Episode, 3 Recap continue reading at tvacute.com.

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911 Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with, In 1977, Athena was a young child. She assists her mom. She was unaware of the danger that youngsters like her faced in this world at the time. Before a young girl she played with went missing from her bed, she was unaware of it. Tanya’s mother couldn’t find her one night. She went to Athena’s house to see if Tanya was there with her friend, but neither Athena nor her parents had seen her. Tanya’s mother kept looking for her daughter, and the community helped. Hours passed. Athena remembers her dad getting a gun. He and other guys from her neighborhood searched for Tanya but found no – body. She was dead, though. Everyone left. Athena couldn’t forget. Athena was young, but she knew her friend wouldn’t be found, so she became a cop. She’s now an LAPD Sergeant. She has the means to explore Tanya’s remains, but she didn’t.

Is Athena’s father a killer for the death of Tanya?

Local law enforcement started swarming Athena’s father’s (Henry G. Sanders) hospital room like vultures as soon as Bobby and Junior discovered young Tanya’s death underneath the Grants’ home. Athena was forced to disobey their commands when they specifically told her not to act as a police officer. And she cried a lot. Tanya’s childhood home was the first place Bobby and Athena stopped, and there her older sister Joanne greeted them with a loaded revolver. Joanne, however, revealed details of the night her sister vanished once the tense situation calmed, including the fact that Tanya had followed her to a campfire, which she had neatly omitted from her initial testimony.

It turns out that Athena’s father was not the person guilty of what occurred, and that the event in question was actually a crime that occurred over the course of multiple generations. It turned out that Reggie Jr. was the one responsible for the events that took place decades ago, but we still had some questions about them. It comes out that he provided Tanya drink that night and attempted to make a pass at her when he claimed to offer to drive her home. With this new information, it just took a few more pieces to fit together to determine that Junior was the one who killed Tanya; when she declined his advances, he followed her into the orange grove where he pursued her and killed her.

In this case, the leading hypothesis that we had was that his father assisted him in covering up what had occurred, and this turned out to be the case. The police looking into the murder also gathered Franklin’s DNA. He was a suspect, just like every other man in their neighborhood, up until the murderer was identified, and there had been a time when Bobby had glanced at the man and it was obvious he believed Franklin was the murderer. However, there was an additional tragic twist that came to light, Tanya was not the only person Junior killed. Reggie Senior was confronted with the reality that his own silence contributed to the murders of even more people. It also was revealed that Junior’s father, who believed it was his sworn duty to protect his son at all means, tried to dissolve Tanya’s corpse before encasing it in cement. This is how Tanya’s remains found their way under the Grants’ house. At this point, we are going to presume that Athena will return to her career and some semblance of normalcy, in whatever form that may take. She is going to carry the truth with her today in the same way that she carried her pain with her for many years.

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