911 Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Reveals the truth about Jonah

911 Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Reveals the truth about Jonah

In 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 17, Hen and Chimney caught a terrible case. Hen came to the conclusion that Jonah had a pattern of driving otherwise healthy patients to the edge of death in order to save them and bask in the undeserved acclaim. Jonah’s origin story, like many others, began simply enough. He saved his bus driver’s life after he suffered a heart attack on the road as a child, instantly boosting the small guy to hero status. But that adoration turned into an addiction, and grown-up Jonah is seemingly willing to go to any length to duplicate it. Read 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 17 Recap.

Jonah was a strange boy until he saved his bus driver at the age of 13. Then he became a local hero and experienced the rush of saving lives and the attention that came with it. Hen tells Chimney that the funeral of a dispatcher who should have lived reminded her of an earlier call: a man had been bitten by many spiders and was stable when she left him alone with Jonah. Then, like the dispatcher, he coded. Chimney believes her, so they start their inquiry by slipping into Bobby’s (Peter Krause) office and looking over Jonah’s paperwork on the two patients. Meanwhile, Chimney accesses Jonah’s personnel records on their captain’s computer. Jonah’s reports and background reveal a pattern: he moves around a lot. When fellow firefighters Lucy (Arielle Kebbel) and Ravi (Anirudh Pisharody) question their presence at the 118 on their day off, they give a poor performance. According to a paramedic, a third victim fits the pattern, and he died after appearing to be in good health when Jonah was left with him.

Karen (Tracie Thoms), Hen’s wife, points out that suspicious behavior is possible because no one starts with a murder. That’s when Hen discovers Jonah’s origin story, and they learn he doesn’t want to kill people; instead, he wants to push them to the point of death so he can save them. As a result, they go to Buck’s (Oliver Stark) and Taylor’s (Megan West) houses to watch Taylor’s tape of the call center fire while making sure everything is “off the record” with the reporter. She concurs. They notice that the dispatcher is in good condition, but then.

Based on her symptoms, Jonah offers her something that is against policy. He seemed to have given her a medication to stop her heart. Hen and Chimney then inform Bobby and Athena of their fears (Angela Bassett). He contacts the chief, who launches an inquiry into the dispatcher’s death. Jonah is currently on light duty pending the results. And it turns out that Athena was correct in cautioning Hen as she was departing. If they’re right, the sergeant doesn’t think Jonah will appreciate being exposed, so he contacts Hen as she drives home.

As far as Jonah is concerned, she never gave him the opportunity to prove himself, so he will. Hen fears her family is in danger and phones Karen to get everyone out of the house, but Karen immediately discovers that Jonah is envious of Chimney, not her. It’s too late by the time Hen arrives at her best friend’s house.

Jonah approaches her from behind, injects her with something, and she awakens to find him holding her and Chimney attached to a heart monitor somewhere. Jonah believes that Hen’s past heroics in saving lives puts them on the same team, so he stops Chimney’s heart and brings him back with a defibrillator to prove that he’s doing the same as she did.

Meanwhile, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) drops off their daughter at Chimney’s and discovers his phone buzzing on the floor.

Karen answers the phone, and the two begin putting the puzzle pieces together. Jonah agrees to let Chimney go after Hen and begs him to. by halting his heart and then resurrecting him This time, however, it takes a little longer. It’s awful to see Hen forced to watch her best buddy die while Jonah holds his life in his hands. Hen keeps Jonah distracted by calling him sloppy and telling him the other man isn’t breathing as Chimney begins to move and work on freeing his hand.

Chimney uses the defibrillator on Jonah when he checks. The two are safe now that Jonah is unconscious. When Bobby and Athena arrive on the scene, the police captain hits Jonah as he is being led out of the house in handcuffs.

He apologizes to Hen and Chimney after discovering they are still alive. This is, of course, all over the news, and Buck leaves Taylor a message wondering what she did as she delivers her report. Both Hen and Chimney will be alright, though they will have to spend the night in the hospital for observation.

Karen runs up to them in the emergency room, revealing she had been planning for the worst. She did, however, play a part. After all, she’s the reason the cops arrived so swiftly. Hen calls Chimney the next day to ask if he’s ready to accompany her out of the hospital.

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