911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the day was stressful. T.K. (Ronen Rubinstein), desperately searches for his boyfriend Carlos, who has been kidnapped (Rafael Silva). In another part of the story, Owen’s (Rob Lowe) covert assignment in entering the Honor Dogs motorcycle gang blows up after his meeting with Sgt. O’Brien, played by Neal McDonough, is confronted by members of the gang who are looking for a mole.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in 911 Lone Star Season, 4 Episode 4 continue reading the recap at tvacute.com.

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Carlos found himself in an unfamiliar kitchen. Because he was looking into what had happened to Iris, he found his way there. She said a man brandishing a knife took her. She was rescued by Carlos from an abandoned house, and he was the only person who believed her account. Everyone else simply assumed she was taking a temporary vacation from reality. After returning to the house where Iris was held hostage, Carlos discovered evidence that she wasn’t telling lies. To his surprise, he discovered a passageway. Instead of calling for help as soon as he discovered the tunnel, he did nothing. He preferred to investigate everything by himself.

Carlos continued through the tunnel and entered a second residence. After then, he took a blow to the head. A while later, he awoke in the same kitchen, but this time he was bound. The old lady was holding him captive. She was helping Darryl out of love for him. That guy who took Iris was named Darryl. He enjoys the thrill of kidnapping females.The murder of females is something he enjoys doing. They were both in the kitchen at the same time when Carlos noticed the body of a dead woman. In addition, he realized that Darryl’s mom was working with the bad guys. She hid the body behind a closed door and pretended it was an inconvenience, not a crime.

Nobody was going to die at the hands of this lady. Her son had murdered several women, and she was not going to let him walk free. She was the one who tied Carlos up and beat him over the head with a shovel. Darryl arrived at the residence later, still oblivious to the situation. His mum was the one who informed him. The tunnel was discovered by Carlos, she informed him. In addition, Darryl located Carlos’s badge. The identity of the police officer in him finally clicked. When he and Carlos’ mother didn’t come across any reinforcements, they concluded that nobody else was on the lookout for him. The problem was that they were wrong about that. In other words, Carlos is engaged. In other words, he has a talent for TK. When TK didn’t come home, he assumed Carlos was mad with him, but after several hours of silence, TK began to have second thoughts. Carlos would never have ghosted him. TK discussed it with his father.

Owen instructed him to stop interrupting Carlos and hurried TK off the phone so he could finish off his FBI business. After that, TK shared his thoughts with his pals. They found Carlos’s absence peculiar. They made an attempt to get in touch with him directly but received no response. They then decided to phone Carlos’s workplace, where they received the disappointing news that he was not present. TK then gave Grace a shot. He wanted her to look up Carlos’s phone number. She said the last person to use the phone was Carlos, and that he called TK from the house where Iris was found. TK visited the Major, Carlos’s father. They proceeded to the house together after he enlisted his help. Neither Carlos nor his vehicle were located. However, he did discover a burned driver’s license in the home of another missing woman. That was a big help in convincing the police that Iris wasn’t making up the whole hostage situation. Furthermore, it resulted in reinforcements being sent to aid TK and his father-in-law.

The local police force arrived on the scene. They seemed to have taken over the area. TK decided not to wait for them and instead went door-to-door seeking them out. He located Darryl’s mother. Carlos’s mouth was taped shut by her. She made TK believe that a noisy cat was in the house by acting as though she had one. TK had no idea anything was amiss. TK returned to the police station with Carlos’s dad. The investigation led the authorities to the conclusion that a serial killer was at large, and that his victims were all women with mental illnesses. In fact, it was only TK who made the connection between the women and the drugstore. Darryl selects his victims in this manner. Indeed, he worked as a druggist. He kept an eye out for the ladies who came in. He would target those he knew were on the streets because he had a knack for identifying them. The only reason he took them off their medication was to watch them have a breakdown in front of his eyes. Then, he’d use a lethal dose of morphine that he’d stolen from the pharmacy to put them to sleep. When Darryl realized he didn’t have enough drugs to kill Carlos, he went to work on his day off in order to acquire more.

TK and the Major checked out that drugstore. It turned out that Darryl was the one who dispensed all the drugs. They just avoided missing him. They heard that Darryl was cycling, which was out of character for him. They concluded he had abandoned the vehicle they had seen him driving when he kidnapped Iris. He also abandoned Carlos’s automobile, and since a tracking device would have been prohibitively expensive, Carlos didn’t bother to remove it. The men, however, hastened to Darryl’s residence after they learned of his involvement. When they forced entry, they discovered Carlos unconscious on the floor.

There had been an attempt at a counterattack by Carlos. TK gave him CPR after they injected him with all the morphine in the needle. They were successful in retrieving a beating heart. Carlos awoke ready to fight, but as he learned he was safe, he relaxed. TK was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to reach his father, but they nevertheless called an ambulance for him. Owen stopped communicating with him.

Owen met up with Ty while wearing a wire, and the Honor Dogs initially mistook them for the rat. As Ty put it, the Honor Dogs are his way of helping first responders give back to the community. When the group morphed into something else, he left. However, his nephew recalled those earlier times. The influence of his uncle inspired him to follow in his footsteps and become an Honor Dog, and he wound up in a particularly extreme sect of the movement. And thus, it turns out, Ty was speaking the truth about his nephew. Neither Ty nor Owen were held responsible for the raid, thank goodness. And from that point on, the FBI had a fresh source of information in Ty. After Owen’s disastrous time as a spy, the FBI had no interest in working with him.

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