9-1-1 Lone Star Episode 2 Recap – “YEE-HAW”

911 lone star episode 2 recap

911 Lone Star Episode 2 Recap,  aired January 20th on FOX.

Fox’ Lone Star proceeded with its two-night debut on Monday with probably the darkest crisis in 9-1-1 history followed by the presentation of the side project’s previously formally dressed connecting.

As a matter of fact, “connecting” may be too solid a word now. Without a doubt, TK and Carlos appreciated a little evening joy this week, however, TK was completely dressed and out the entryway before Carlos got an opportunity to pause. Also, when TK returned soon thereafter for another round, just to find that Carlos had arranged wheeze! a sentimental supper for two, he retreated the entryway in record time.

It may not be a lot to go on, however, Michelle discovered that her sister went out with her boyfriend’s house in a blue get truck on the night she vanished. Michelle likewise played out a costly minimal custom at the command of a nearby witch, yet the decision is still out on whether that practiced anything.

Despite the fact that it implied surrendering his everyday hair care routine, Owen consented to another course of malignant growth treatment that would in all likelihood drag out his life.

Also, for what it’s worth, I thought he glanced quite great in his bare top bad dream.

911 Lone Star Episode 2 Recap Feature image via  TV Line

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