Netflix and Chill: Top 5 Date Night Ideas for College Couples

It’s hard to find something more enjoyable for a college couple than spending the movie night together, fascinated by something that both of you would enjoy. The best solution is to explore some inspiring Netflix titles as you chill out and discuss what you see on screen. Of course, it might be that you are not fond of comedy and would like to get emotional. Such an idea would work as well because these are some things that actually help you to become closer to each other and evaluate personal reactions and emotional feedback. Let’s dive into some helpful ideas!

Top 5 Date Night Ideas for College Couples

  1. Friends with Benefits.

What would become of a friendship where you are a recruiter and an art director? It is all about making the chemistry work! Well, when you get people like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis together, you get the idea! If you are up for a comedy night, this should be one of the best titles to consider. Just remember to get done with college homework because you won’t feel like doing anything else once the movie is over! If it’s only an essay ending that you need, consider as a great way to finish all your tasks easily and get ready for a special night. Do not forget to vacuum clean in advance and avoid anything that may appear in your way!

  1. Bride Wars.

Now it´s another comedy worth checking. It is all about friendship and love. The story revolves around two friends who book a wedding at the same venue. Moreover, it´s booked on the same date! You can easily imagine what might happen next. If you want to get some excitement out of your movie night, buckle up and make sure that you check out this movie. Finally, it´s good to check out interesting wedding ideas for the future as you make plans!

  1. Doom of Love.

It´s a romantic adventure idea that talks about a beautiful journey and self-realization. An amazing movie that talks about love and finding out your true essence. It’s a movie that will work well for those who like to talk and discuss things once the final titles are over.

  1. Love at First Sight.

For something totally new, check out this story about two strangers who meet on a connecting flight to London. Is reunion still possible? See this beautiful movie to find out! A true romantic masterpiece that will keep you inspired for days!

  1. Vanilla Sky.

This one is an oldie, but if you want to watch a thriller with the likes of Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz or Cameron Diaz, this one should be one of those titles to consider. This movie is quite romantic and can help you think about many important things like good looks, money, and more. If you are surprised about this being available on Netflix, you can see more info and learn what other titles you can get that are not typical, including the classics! This way, you can discover many interesting titles worth checking!

Adding Some Drinks and Snacks

Since watching some movies alone might not cut it for most college couples these days, you have to add a movie theater feel! Just think about adding some snacks that you can keep in a bowl, so you can share it and keep the intimacy at the right level. This way, you won’t end up with a mess on your favorite couch. The same is true about adding some drinks that you can add to your movie night. If you are unsure about what to offer beyond coffee, think about various cocktails that can impress your significant other. It is recommended to keep things alcohol-free as it will help you to remember the time and enjoy the movie.

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