1923 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained! Who follows Alexandra to Italy?

A new turn is taken in the conflict over the Montana range in the cinematic prologue to Yellowstone, while on the other side of the ocean, Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) and Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) find their way back to dry ground as they continue their trek to the United States in 1923 Episode 7 titled “The Rule of Five Hundred”. The men sent after her by Father Renaud are still on her trail, and it appears that they soon have a good opportunity to catch up to her who is now pretending to be a child named Joe, “Hank,” and Hank’s son. During the course of this episode, a brand new character by the name of Pete Plenty Clouds played by Cole Brings Plenty, makes his appearance. . Continue reading at tvacute.com for an in-depth analysis of everything that took place in 1923 Episode 7, to get all the information you need.

1923 Episode 7 Recap

The Dutton family is tense when they rise on a wintry morning at Yellowstone Ranch. Jack and Jacob bid goodbye to Elizabeth and Cara, respectively, implying that they are going to encounter Banner again, this time having the upper hand. Banner is certainly living it up in his new townhouse with some champagne and prostitutes when the doorbell rings numerous times in the morning. In his dazzling robe, he is led out of the house and arrested by Sheriff McDowell, Jacob, and the rest of Jacob’s men on suspicion of two murder charges and four attempts to kill. Donald Whitfield and his crew, meanwhile, are still blasting away in Montana in their pursuit of gold. Sheriff McDowell’s Livestock agent, a Scotsman with a ginger beard, has come to inform Donald of Banner’s arrest. After learning they didn’t murder him, he says, “That was their first mistake.” Donald orders his attorney to assume leadership responsibilities within the prison. Banner’s lawyer Chadwick Benton (Currie Graham) told him to keep quiet and that he would be leaving the next day. Banner has his attorney kick out the two “hookers” who had moved into his home. Donald, realizing the potential for self-indulgence, travels to the residence in order to personally handle the payment and subsequent issues.

Cara and Elizabeth have returned to the ranch and are waiting for their husbands. As he makes his way back home, Elizabeth considers how she will get it to him. Cara acknowledges she is unable to, and that she wrote the letter more for herself than for Spencer. Jacob and Jack go back to their house, and Cara gives Elizabeth a baking lesson. The Duttons sit down for a lovely meal together afterward. Then Jack looks at the newspaper at the meal, and he and Jacob end up talking politics. They find out that Whitfield will be in charge of mining regulations. Therefore, Cara and Elizabeth are furious at the males.

Law enforcement officers hunting Teonna have been looking for Issaxche for days. Teonna’s dad, Runs His Horse (Michael Spears), finds her body after seeing hoofprints outside. At the arrival of Hank’s son Pete Plenty Clouds (Cole Brings Plenty), they establish that it wasn’t robbers who killed Issaxche because only the government shoes their horses. At the conclusion of the funeral, Runs His Horse sets out on his trip to find his daughter and save her. The Priests who have been dispatched to recover Teonna run into Pete as he is camping late at night. The whereabouts of Teonna are being investigated by the Priests. Pete, however, is not forthcoming with information and even seems to question their religious convictions. So the Priests had him beaten up because of this.

Beside the fire, one of the priests who are responsible for returning their new prisoner to the academy gives a sermon to Pete. The priest loses his temper and begins striking Pete again when Pete uses reason to cast doubt on the divine. When things heat up, the priest appears to be planning murder but Runs His Horse is there just in time to prevent it. After devouring his soul, they rode out in an attempt to locate Teonna and Hank before the priests did so while remaining unnoticed. The priests have found Teonna by dawn, but they don’t instantly recognize her because she’s disguised as a boy. When one of the priests finally catches up to her, he rips apart her shirt to reveal that she is, in fact, a girl. When the men try to haul her back to school after realizing she is dressing as a male, Hank kills them with his shotgun. He picks her up and brings her inside. Sadly, one of the priests survived, and he fatally shot Hank in the back. While the priest attempts to reload, Teonna grabs a nearby rock and slams it down on his skull.

1923 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained!

Spencer and Alex get married at sea, and we spend the last six minutes of the program with them as they prepare to return to land. Captain Shipley (Joseph Mawle) advises Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) that they’ll have a skiff transport them the final distance to shore when the ship approaches the port. Spencer, in the meantime, thanks Captain Shipley for his kindness in a phone conversation. Before parting ways, Captain Shipley reflects on Spencer’s daring, which has made him a well-known hunter across Africa. They dock in Sicily, but to dodge customs they return to the island through a smaller boat. The boatman cautions them to be on guard against the Italian mafia, who won’t take kindly to his carrying a firearm. Spencer and Alexandra relax at a cafe after successfully reserving their ticket to America. An audience member interrupts Spencer and Alex’s public expression of passion by calling her name. Alex and Spencer are at a restaurant when they are surprised to see Alex’s ex-fiance, the mild-mannered Brit whom she dumped for Spencer.

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