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Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1: Georgie and Meemaw in jail

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1: Georgie and Meemaw in jail

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1 will release on September, 29 on CBS.The Big Bang Theory spinoff’s impending return to television has spurred CBS to step up its promotion of the program. The Young Sheldon season 6 opener, which will start up after the season 5 cliffhanger ending, will give fans some of their most pressing questions about what lies ahead for the Coopers.At www.tvacute.com, you’ve discovered the finest place to get the Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1 synopsis and trailer.

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Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1 Spoilers

For Sheldon and his family, a lot has changed in the last few years. While Mary and Georgie recently lost their jobs, Sheldon began college.  The oldest Cooper child also began dating the significantly older Mandy as he fully immersed himself in adulthood, and the two unintentionally became pregnant. Georgie and Meemaw attempted to smuggle cigarettes across the border to sell out of a desperate need for money to support Georgie’s unborn child and their mother. Unfortunately, they were ultimately taken into custody. In the season premiere episode titled “Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo,” George Sr. (Lance Barber) frees his cigarette-smuggling son Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Meemaw (Annie Potts), while Mary (Zoe Perry) feels further cut off from her church and Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and Missy (Raegan Revord) finally get to meet the pregnant Mandy (Emily Osment). A brand-new Young Sheldon season 6 clip reveals Georgie and Meemaw’s prison sentence. Meemaw and Georgie’s time in jail is depicted in the opening Young Sheldon season 6 clip. The two discuss their predicament, Georgie and Mandy’s unborn child, and George’s upcoming arrival to save them. watch it below

Young Sheldon Episode 6.01 Synopsis:  George Sr. bails Meemaw and Georgie out of jail. Also, Sheldon and Missy meet Mandy (Emily Osment), and Mary feels unwelcome at church.

Where can I watch Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1 will air on Thursday, September 29, 8/7c on CBS.  If you missed the television broadcast or are a cord-cutter, you may watch the show on CBS’ official website. In addition, the season premiere will be available on Paramount+, FuboTVYouTube TV, Xfinity, Hulu+Live TV, and DirecTV. You may watch the show right here if you have an HBO Max membership. ‘Young Sheldon’ episodes and seasons can also be purchased or rented on Spectrum, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Young Sheldon S05 is available on BINGE in Australia. The show is available to watch on NZTV in New Zealand.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 1 Cast

• Iain Armitage as Sheldon
• Zoe Perry as Mary
• Lance Barber as George Sr.
• Annie Potts as Meemaw
• Montana Jordan as Georgie
• Raegan Revord as Missy
• Matt Hobby as Pastor Jeff
• Jim Parsons as Adult Sheldon (Narrator)

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