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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 22 Finale: The Origin of Classic Flash T-Shirt

Young Sheldon Season 5 Finale-

During the Season 5 finale on Thursday, the Big Bang Theory spinoff dropped two Easter eggs. Penn and Teller — the latter of whom recurred as a dad to Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farrah Fowler on the mothership made a major alteration in the same episode that enlisted them. The genesis of the Flash shirt happened tonight! Meanwhile, Sheldon battled adolescence which resulted in a nightmare we’ll never forget! George and Mary struggled with unemployment, and Georgie and Meemaw got themselves into difficulty at the US-Mexico border. Let’s start with how it all turned out?

Let’s begin with George Sr. He being fired from one of his jobs, forcing him and Mary to spend the next half-hour looking for new employment. She ultimately found something else to do with her life, but their feud continues. They now have the added task of rescuing Georgie and Meemaw from a predicament they created for themselves, one that resulted in their arrests at the Mexican border. This is the kind of bind that the two will have a hard time getting out of, and this is on top of Georgie’s preparations to become a parent. This isn’t exactly what you’d expect for someone approaching that age.

We realize that for a lot of people, How does this Sheldon end up looking like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory? As he approached adolescence and battled to figure out what to do with his future, a pimple sent him on a downhill spiral. How would this affect him? He came to terms with the fact that he could be anybody he wanted after some advice from his sister (and a genuinely hilarious dream sequence in which Iain Armitage basically portrayed his entire family).

In the Young Sheldon Season 5 finale, Sheldon reached puberty, he chose to embrace puberty in the best way possible. Sheldon decided to change up his look and wore his classic Flash t-shirt. Sheldon traded in his signature button-down shirt for his first graphic top, a red crewneck with a Flash insignia, similar to the one he wore on Big Bang, as he approached maturity.

Sheldon began to embrace the attire that he would soon wear for the first time. Young Sheldon will not always put Sheldon Cooper in a Flash or graphic t-shirt, but it will become more often in the future. It feels like another conscious attempt by the CBS series to advance on a different path and better differentiate itself from the previous years.

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