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Yellowstone Season 4: When is the exact release date of Yellowstone Season 4?

Yellowstone Finale Review

This article is for the fans who are vying for the new season 4 of Yellowstone. The explosive finale of Season 3 has left fans with a ton of questions, whoever was behind those attacks, but the members of the Dutton family🤠 and those close to them stay safe. Because each and every character of this show has left its own mark in the hearts of the fans. Well, only time will tell that, What will be the future of the violent world of the Dutton family? But the most important question of this time is still running in our minds.🤔 When is Yellowstone Season 4 Coming? When is its release date? Why is season 4 taking so long to arrive? etc.. etc.

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Let’s delve deeper into these questions: – Although Yellowstone fans already know that Paramount Network had already ordered a renewal for the fourth season before the start of Yellowstone Season 3. Despite the pandemic, the filming of Season 4 began in October 2020. Then how did it take so long to come? Fans have continued to discuss it on various types of social media for this and have also expressed their disappointment.

Why is Paramount Network so quiet about its hit show Yellowstone Season 4? Till now no photos, new cast nor trailer have been shared with us for this new season.  No promotion for Season 4 on social media yet, But why so? This also remains an astonishing matter.

When is the exact release date of Yellowstone Season 4?

No one knows about it yet, except Paramount Network. Chief Joseph Ranch, however, shared a photo post on Instagram in November that clearly stated the show is returning in June, but failure struck.

The network has shared with us the previews of the previous seasons from time to time. Recently, all three seasons of Yellowstone aired on the Paramount network during Memorial Day. We all hoped,😃 this time the network would release the Yellowstone Season 4 release date or trailer. But then despair struck.

What are the theories behind the delay in Yellowstone Season 4?

Many fans believe that the Tokyo Summer Olympics may be the reason, it will run from 23 July to 8 August 2021. But let’s say for your information, the Olympics has nothing to do with it. Because NBCUniversal, the company that broadcasts the games, is not part of the Paramount network. But Peacock’s recent new deal with Yellowstone is also a reason. Maybe NBC, which falls under the same parent company as Peacock, which has streamed games for years.

So, is the extra shooting the reason for the delay? According to a post from the Yellowstone Facebook account, Montana had two days remaining shooting in June. Which was canceled last year due to snow. The Facebook post read, “Hello Montana!! We’ll be back in June for 2 days of shooting. Does this mean filming is still incomplete? Nobody knows anything about it, that when they finish shooting for season 4.

Release dates for all seasons of the Yellowstone Series (2018)

Taylor Sheridan-produced Yellowstone series premieres every June. It can also be said that near Father’s Day. let’s take a look

Yellowstone Season 1      June 20, 2018
Yellowstone Season 2      June 19, 2019
Yellowstone Season 3      June 21, 2020
Yellowstone Season 4      November 7, 2021

Can’t say anything until Paramount Network breaks its silence. But we have strong proof that Yellowstone Season 4 won’t come out this June. Because Paramount Network has also prepared its schedule for the month of June. Yellowstone TV was not even mentioned in the last days of the month. Great disappointment.😞

It looks like we’ll get more episodes in Yellowstone Season 4 than the rest of the season. Maybe to make us wait for so long, give us as a gift.

But we promise, if we get any information from the network about new episodes of Yellowstone Season 4, we will update immediately. Won’t make you wait to stay with us.

Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’series stars Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham.

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