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Will Yellowstone Season 4 air on Father’s Day ???Let’s find out

Yellowstone Finale Episode 10
In a flashback, John Dutton (L- Kevin Costner) cares for his ailing father John Dutton Sr (Dabney Coleman) in the Season 2 finale of "Yellowstone." The episode, entitled "Sins of the Father," premieres on Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m., ET/PT on Paramount Network.

Happy Father’s Day Yellowstone Fans!

As all you know, Taylor Sheridan of Paramount Network the most hit series Yellowstone on Father’s Day for the past three seasons, and fans are waiting for that day with open eyes. The new season 4 of Yellowstone was expected to air today but was disappointed. Because before every season, commercials and teasers used to start coming a month in advance. But Taylor Sheridan hasn’t even opened her mouth for it yet. The reason for the delay of season 4 is not yet officially announced. But everyone has their own opinion, someone is telling the hand of Olympics behind this delay, someone is telling the reason for this as Covid. But maybe the filming is not over yet. Whatever be the reason for the delay. But they must have given some information about it.

In addition, Yellowstone actor Jefferson White, who best plays Jimmy Herdstrom on the show, tried to leave a message to fans on Instagram. Commenting on a photo of his character, which was posted by Yellowstone’s official Instagram page on June 14, Jefferson said, “Appreciate you all!! Season 4 is worth the wait, I promise!” !” ‘Yellowstone’ fans reacted fiercely to the wait on the release date of Season 4 on Instagram.

But today is Father’s Day. Taylor Sherid is not so ruthless. That leaves the fans like this. I sincerely hope today we will get good news about Yellowstone. What is your opinion? Maybe he can drop the Yellowstone Season 4 trailer today. Can they announce a release date on Father’s Day today or some big news, like the announcement of a new cast for Yellowstone Season 4, what do you think? You can share your thoughts with us below.

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