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Who Killed Simon Fraser in Outlander Season 7?

Angus Macfadyen plays Simon Fraser in Outlander Season 7. Brigadier General Simon Fraser is a well-known historical figure from Scotland. He talks with Jamie’s son-in-law William in Fort Ticonderoga and is a skilled tactician. Because of his role as an astute strategist in Outlander Season 7, Simon Fraser’s involvement becomes more significant. his presence connects with the impending Battles of Saratoga as the series explores the turbulent events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Fans are kept on the edge of their seats in the most recent episode of Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 titled “Turning Points,” as numerous crucial events take place, killing Simon Fraser and paving the way for further mystery and drama in the ongoing tale. Let’s explore the specifics of what happened and who eventually put Simon Fraser’s life in danger. Is Simon Fraser of Balnain Dead?  Join us as we (tvacute.com) examine the pivotal scenes and turning points in the midseason finale.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 Plot

Simon Fraser in Outlander Series-

In this episode of “Outlander,” Claire and Jamie Fraser’s journey through the difficulties of the Revolutionary War is continued. Jamie is found unconscious at the start of the episode on the Saratoga battlefield, where Claire eventually locates him following a frantic search. Jamie’s wounds are attended to while she fights off a woman and her son who were scavenging the remains.

A contentious talk concerning Jamie’s goals and their relationship ensues after Claire becomes angry with Jamie for his careless actions, including charging into battle despite his position as a rifleman. Despite their differences, they have a tender moment where they express their devotion to and affection for one another.

The Frasers experience emotional upheaval as the Revolutionary War goes on and see how it affects everyone around them. Jamie receives the order to kill his cousin, Brigadier General Simon Fraser, during the Second Battle of Saratoga.

Outlander Season 7: Who Killed Simon Fraser?

The snipers are encouraged to kill Simon Fraser by Benedict Arnold (Rod Hallett), the Redcoats’ most capable and charismatic commander, who enters the conflict. The bloody Battle of Saratoga between the British and the Redcoats turns out to be a turning point for Jamie Fraser and his cousin Simon Fraser. Jamie finds himself in a position to defeat Simon Fraser, a charming and competent Redcoat leader, in the midst of the mayhem of the battle.

In an unexpected turn of events, Jamie purposefully misses his shot, saving his kin’s life. Further complicating the matter, Jamie’s bullet accidentally knocks William’s tricorn hat off as it veers to the right. While Jamie gathers himself, an unidentified American rifleman takes advantage of the situation to fire Simon Fraser, which ultimately results in his death.

[Midseason Finale] Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

Outlander Season 7: Simon Fraser’s Farewell

After the American side wins the battle, something unexpected happens. Under a flag of truce, Jamie and Claire are welcomed to the Redcoat camp. Simon Fraser, who is severely hurt, says he wants to spend his last moments with his family. This heartwarming incident sheds light on the Fraser cousins’ common childhood memories and ties, revealing a deeper connection between them.

The Americans are required by the deal made following General Burgoyne’s capitulation to see to it that Simon Fraser’s body is returned to Scotland for a befitting burial. Jamie is ultimately responsible for this, which adds even another level of complexity and passion to the conflict’s aftermath.

The events of Season 7 Episode 8, “Turning Points,” have left many questions hanging in the air for Outlander viewers. What effects will Simon Fraser’s passing have on the relationships between the American and Redcoat forces? Will Simon’s life being spared by Jamie have unintended consequences? And as they traverse the difficulties brought on by the Revolutionary War and its aftermath, what lies ahead for Jamie, Claire, and the other characters?

Outlander is delivering fascinating twists and turns that have viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode as tensions rise and loyalties are put to the test. The complex web of connections and alliances deepens as the protagonists’ journeys progress, providing a gripping and thrilling conclusion to the tale.

Simon Fraser of Balnain and connection to the Fraser family

The actor who plays Simon Fraser, Angus Macfadyen, is most known for playing Robert the Bruce in both the 2014 film Braveheart and a 2019 biopic of the legendary Scottish ruler. It’s crucial to note that the Simon Fraser depicted by Angus Macfadyen is different from the Simon Fraser (James Parris) represented by Lord Lovat, also referred to as “The Old Fox,” and his son Simon, whom we saw in Season 2 of Outlander. Within the story of the program, Simon Fraser of Balnain is a distinct historical figure and character. While Simon Fraser of Balnain’s introduction gives the Outlander series historical context and potential plot twists, the precise portrayal and storyline elements may differ from the historical record because the program frequently takes artistic license with its characters and plots.

The Simon Fraser from Season 7 is modeled after Simon Fraser of Balnain, who in the show is portrayed as Jamie’s distant relative. A new character named Simon Fraser of Balnain first appears in the seventh season of the television series Outlander. He is depicted as Jamie Fraser’s relative and is related to the Fraser lineage via his grandpa, Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord of Lovat. Simon Fraser of Balnain, the son of Alexander Fraser of Balnain, is introduced by Jamie in the program as being his second cousin.

The Outlander series has imaginatively created distinct links and connections to weave a compelling narrative, despite the fact that the historical individuals share a name. By incorporating Simon Fraser of Balnain into the plot, the Outlander universe is enriched and viewers are given an engrossing look at the nuances of history and relationships.

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