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Who died in Gotham Knights Episode 12?

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American superhero TV series Gotham Knights were created by Natalie Abrams, Chad Fiveash, and James Stoteraux for The CW. It focuses on the Batman family and various ancillary characters from DC Comics.  Gotham Knights Episode 12 is full of surprises, outright lies, and betrayals, which puts the Knights in a perilous and uncomfortable situation as they deal with the Court of Owls’ wrath. In this episode, several characters meet their demise. Here is a breakdown of the deaths that occur.

Who died in Gotham Knights Episode 12?

Lincoln March (Damon Dayoub) rejoices over winning the election for mayor of New York. Stephanie (Anna Lore) is in charge of the process as disguised individuals revive the Talon, a casket. At the tower, a chat between Stephanie and Harper (Fallon Smythe) is cut short by a strange noise. Turner’s schematics are used by the Knights to break into the March family’s apartment, but security officers catch them. They locate a 13th floor that is hidden, and there they find Brody still alive. he discloses that the Court of Owls is run by his mother. The Knights go to a celebration thrown by the Court.

Several characters in this episode suffer tragic deaths. First, the Talons kill the members of the Court who were present at the Court meeting in disguise. The kids find the horrific scene where all the Owls have been killed and a poisoned Lincoln is discovered slumped at the head of the table after they broke into the conference to expose the Owls. Following this unfortunate incident, the GCPD quickly detains the children from the alleged “mass murder” that occurred.   The Knights, including Brody’s father, discover that everyone at the party is dead, and they realize they need to find Brody’s mother.

Additionally, Rebecca who engaged to Alan Wayne decades ago, is revealed during the course of the program. The over 200-year-old Rebecca reveals her true motives and forces her flock of Talons on the GCPD. All of the children who were recently detained for the murder of the Court are to be killed by the Talons.

Duela’s mother, Jane, also betrays her daughter in a different subplot by injecting her with a tranquilizer, claiming that the pull of money was too much for her to resist. This unexpected turn of events heightens the episode’s overall intrigue and anxiety.


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