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Gotham Knights Episode 2 Recap: Ending Explained!


The first episode of Gotham Knights aired on The CW. In it, audiences were introduced to Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan), the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, as well as the situation in which he finds himself. Turner, alongside Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan), Cullen (Tyler DiChiara), and Harper (Fallon Smythe), have all been framed for the crime and are now on the run from the law. In episode 2, District Attorney Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) chooses to bring in Turner’s hacker friend Stephanie (Anna Lore) for questioning while the fugitives plan a return to Wayne Tower to steal the late Bruce Wayne’s writings, with police and those sword-wielding Court of Owls ninjas waiting around every corner.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of ‘Gotham Knights’ Episode 2, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

Gotham Knights Episode 2 Recap

In the episode “Scene of the Crime,” as Harvey and the police are taking the items from the Batcave into evidence, Turner and the other characters go to a department shop to stock up on “necessities.” Despite Turner’s insistence that they are merely “loans,” Duela has no intention of accepting his argument. Nevertheless, before things can get out of hand, the party is escorted out of the shop and into an adjacent alley, where they are met by Carrie Kelly, dressed as Robin. Initiate the beginning title card. And in other parts of Gotham, Mayor Hamilton Hill has assembled a special task force to find Turner & Co. Once Stephanie confides in Brody about being a part of Turner’s antics, he cautions her that she is likely already in deep danger and that working with Turner will lead to disaster. She ignores him and makes her way to the attic of Gotham Academy, where Turner has set up a makeshift base of operations for Harper, Cullen, and Duela 00. With the exception of Turner, Stephanie is introduced to the escaped prisoners for the very first time in this episode. It is revealed that Stephanie’s dad is Arthur Brown,.

After unsuccessfully trying to reach Detective Ford, Harvey opens a box to find the decapitated heads of Ford and his men, who had been sent to the GCPD in a similar manner. After hearing about the recent killings, Turner comes up with a bold plan to investigate the Wayne Tower using Bruce’s private elevator in an attempt to learn more about the Court of Owls through his father’s writings. After getting into an argument with Mayor Hill, Harvey requests that the authorities investigate who Turner spoke with while he was in detention. Stephanie is detained and taken in for questioning after a quick search. Brody, worried about Stephanie’s safety, admits guilt and utilizes his wealthy father’s connections to mitigate the legal fallout. Without further incident, both are released from police custody.

With Duela, Harper, and Cullen waiting in the Wayne Tower garage, Turner and Carrie sneak into Bruce’s office and steal his journals. Duela, ever the cunning schemer, advises they purchase the Court of Owls watch they stole from Ford last episode in order to get out of Gotham as they work on the car in the garage. Cullen won’t let Turner and Carrie go alone, and he even managed to talk Harper into staying. Turner and Carrie learn that the Wayne family has been the target of the Court’s persecution for many years and that Bruce’s great-grandfather Alan Wayne spent every moment of his life attempting to establish the Court’s legitimacy. They are attacked by the Talon and forced to flee before they have time to process what has happened. While Duela is being whisked away in their getaway car, Harper and Cullen, who has been in radio contact with Turner, rush in to lend a hand.

Gotham Knights Episode 2 Recap: Ending Explained!

Turner and the others use Carrie’s Robin equipment to make a tight escape from Wayne Tower as Duela negotiates the sale of the Court of Owls watch with a potential buyer. The Talon shows up, murders the buyer, and gets ready to execute Duela, but is interrupted by Turner and company. During the ensuing heated combat, the Talon manages to hurt Turner and gain the upper hand before being stopped by an explosive arrow from Carrie. The Talon miraculously makes it through the assault. Because of Turner’s intervention, Duela is able to see that she can trust other people again. A few sections are lost from the journal, Turner realizes…. While everything is going on, Cressida talks with Mayor Hill, who turns out to be working with the Court too. As long as he remains faithful to the Court, she says she will maintain him in office. Carrie is seen to be the one who possesses the missing pages from Bruce’s journal as the episode comes to a conclusion, implying that she is aware of significantly more information than she has disclosed thus far.


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