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Where Was Harry Wild Filmed? Discovering the Harry Wild Filming Locations

Where is Harry Wild Filmed? – Welcome to the magical world of “Harry Wild!” If you enjoy mystery drama series, chances are Jane Seymour is already familiar to you; in this article, we’ll take you on an immersive tour through his stunning filming locations for “Harry Wild.”

“Harry Wild” is an intriguing Irish mystery drama that revolves around Harriet “Harry” Wild, an English professor played by Jane Seymour who retires when she comes across something suspicious in his retirement home. Airing on Acorn TV for eight-part episodes that keep you guessing until its conclusion, Seymour brings something extra special to detective dramas with her portrayal of Harry Wild.

We (TVAcute.com) will explore all of the key details regarding “Harry Wild’s” filming locations and provide you with an in-depth analysis of its fascinating plot. So, let’s get going!

Harry Wild Trinity College Dublin

Where is Harry Wild Filmed?

“Harry Wild” features an eye-catching setting that adds so much charm. Dublin, Ireland, is at the core of creating an authentic experience in the series; here, we take a closer look at some key filming locations that help bring it all to life.

Trinity College Dublin – Where Academia Meets Mystery

Trinity College Dublin in College Green, Dublin 2, is one of the primary filming locations that draws audiences into the world of “Harry Wild.” Not only does its majestic campus add an air of sophistication and serve as the backdrop for several pivotal scenes within, but it is also home to landmarks like the Graduates Memorial Building, Parliament Square, and Anatomy Building that become essential parts of its narrative.

The Dropping Well – A Local Pub with a Global Appeal

The Dropping Well pub on Milltown Road in Rathmines, Dublin 6, becomes more than just a watering hole during the filming of “Harry Wild.” As part of production for the series, scenes were shot here to add authenticity and make viewers aware of the local charm of Dublin.

Christ Church Cathedral – Where Drama Unfolds

Dublin churches play an integral role in “Harry Wild.” Most notably, Christ Church Cathedral on Christchurch Place near Wood Quay in Dublin 8 provides the backdrop for certain scenes, deepening and complicating its narrative.

The Poolbeg Generating Station – A Towering Mystery

The Poolbeg Generating Station, more commonly referred to as The Poolbeg Stacks, in Dublin Bay, serves as an unforgettable backdrop for “Harry Wild.” Its thermal station chimneys – some of the tallest structures in Ireland – become essential elements in several scenes from this show, adding intrigue and grandeur.

County Kildare – Expanding the Horizons

“Harry Wild” takes place primarily in Dublin; however, its production team doesn’t restrict itself to just this city’s boundaries; they venture west into County Kildare to capture the atmosphere of surrounding areas that bring an added depth and dimension to this series.

Brennan’s Kilteel Inn – A Local Gem

Brennan’s Kilteel Inn on Main Street in Kilteel plays a central role in County Kildare. Here, Brennan rebrands it as The Hairy Goose during one key scene from “Harry Wild,” setting the scene for key plot points and adding local flavor.

Locations that add character and charm are integral in shaping the world of “Harry Wild.” From Dublin’s historic and modern elements to County Kildare expansion and all that makes up County Kildare – these filming locations create an immersive viewing experience in “Harry Wild.”

Harry Wild Plot Story

Once we’ve explored the charming locations of “Harry Wild,” let’s move on to its captivating plot storyline. “Harry Wild” centers around Harriet Wild (Harriet is her initials), an English professor who recently retired before her life is changed by being mugged, forcing her to stay with Charlie (Kevin Ryan), a police detective whom she reluctantly meets through Charlie being her son-in-law.

What really sets the series apart is Harry’s tendency to intervene and add her unique viewpoint to her son’s investigations, drawing her in deeper as the series progresses. Her interest in crime-solving only grows stronger.

Harry discovers the turning point when she sees that her son is investigating a murder case that follows an Elizabethan-esque pattern. Curiosity and intellect drive her to get involved personally and solve it herself – sparking off an incredible passion for crime-solving in her.

Harry doesn’t embark on her adventure alone. To accompany her is Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd). Their dynamic adds an intriguing layer to the story as they uncover new mysteries together.

As they watch this series, viewers are treated to a dark atmosphere that perfectly complements its mysterious storyline. Every episode keeps viewers guessing and wanting more!

Harry investigates an array of intriguing cases, such as those concerning an up-and-coming serial killer with an affinity for Dostoevsky, gambling syndicates running snuff games, and a wealthy Dublin matriarch who was murdered while making a video call – creating an exciting viewing experience that leaves viewers spellbound! The show masterfully balances suspense, intrigue, and complex characters for an incredible viewing experience.

“Harry Wild” is an engaging series, not only in terms of captivating locations but also due to the captivating plot full of suspense, mystery, and unexpected twists. Jane Seymour’s performance as Harriet “Harry” Wild, paired with its distinct Irish setting, creates an unforgettable journey into crime solving! So, if you love detective dramas, this show shouldn’t be missed!

“Harry Wild” provides an authentic Dublin setting and storyline, along with captivating suspense. Fans of the genre should watch this series – so get yourself some popcorn, sit back, and take an unforgettable ride through Dublin!

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