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Jennifer Lopez Takes on the Future in Netflix’s ‘Atlas’ New Trailer

Atlas 2024-

JLo is back, and this time she’s going into the future in “Atlas,” the newest sci-fi story on Netflix. The first sneak peek came out just one month ago, and now the new trailer is out, promising an exciting trip into a world where AI rules.

In “Atlas,” Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd, a government spy and data analyst whose job it is to find a bad AI named Harlan, who is played by Simu Liu. Harlan almost caused the end of the world because he is too smart for people’s good. It’s up to Atlas to stop him. But things take a strange turn when Atlas crash-lands on a different world during a mission that goes wrong and becomes close with her computer program, Smith.

We see a beautiful future society in the trailer, complete with floating towns and sleek, high-tech interiors. But there’s a dark truth going on below the surface that could destroy everything Atlas cares about. Atlas has to deal with her deep-seated mistrust of AI and learn to trust Smith’s care and loyalty as she navigates the risks of this new world.

Along with Lopez and Liu, Sterling K. Brown plays one of Atlas’s classmates, and Lana Parrilla, Mark Strong, Abraham Popoola, and Gregory James Cohan also appear. As directed by Brad Peyton, who is known for making action movies like “San Andreas” and “Rampage,” “Atlas” looks like it will be an exciting ride from beginning to end.

After the hit movie “The Mother” in 2023 and the interesting documentary “Jennifer Lopez: Halftime” in 2022, this is Lopez’s third work with Netflix. When “Atlas” comes out on Netflix on May 24, it will be a must-see because of its amazing cast, stunning visuals, and gripping plot.

Be sure not to miss the fun. Watch the newest trailer for “Atlas” below, and get ready to go on a journey with Jennifer Lopez that takes place in a strange world. Check back soon at tvacute.com for more “Atlas” news, sneak peeks, and highlights.

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