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When Did Aksana Leave WWE? Where Is Aksana Now?

Where Is Aksana Now? – As any fan of WWE can attest, its world of wrestling is full of larger-than-life characters, intense rivalries and captivating storylines. One such name in this world of excitement is Aksana – born Živilė Raudonienė but more widely known by her stage name Aksana – one whose journey within WWE was an intriguing one that included both triumphs and challenges; here we explore her life both within the wrestling ring and outside it! Prepare to enter Aksana’s world and discover what she’s been up to recently!

Who is Aksana (Živilė Raudonienė)?

Zivile Raudoniene, popularly known to WWE fans as Aksana, stands out as an unusual wrestling personality. Hailing from Lithuania, she has distinguished herself as a fitness model, bodybuilder, and professional wrestler. Aksana made history at 13 by becoming the youngest participant ever at the 1999 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest; such success set the foundation for an extraordinary bodybuilding and wrestling career that spans both gym and ring environments.

Aksana made headlines around the wrestling world in 2009 when she announced she had been signed by WWE, one of the premier professional wrestling promotions. Training commenced with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). At first, she wrestled under Olga before evolving into Aksana shortly after that – this journey within WWE began by managing Eli Cottonwood before soon after that, Aksana stood out with her unique presence and charisma, quickly winning the attention of both fans and members of WWE Universe alike.

Aksana made her in-ring debut as part of the WWE Divas Division in January 2010, engaging in both singles and tag team matches. Her unique in-ring style quickly led her onto WWE’s main roster alongside Goldust; later that spring, she defeated Rosa Mendes and A J Lee to become FCW Divas Champion! There were memorable storylines and feuds throughout her WWE career, including rivalries with other WWE Divas.

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Why Did Aksana Leave WWE

Why Did Aksana Leave WWE? What Happened to Aksana?

Aksana’s journey in WWE took some unexpected turns. In January 2012, she won her first singles against Natalya and was romantically linked with veteran wrestler Dustin Rhodes (Goldust). Their on-screen storylines created some intense matches that highlighted Aksana’s versatility in the ring. Later that year, Aksana and fellow WWE Diva Alicia Fox formed the Foxsana tag team, which propelled their careers forward by being in many WWE matches and storylines as members of “Foxsana.” This combination thrust them into prominence in matches and storylines they played.

At first, the wrestling world was taken by surprise. On June 9, after Aksana suffered her final loss against Paige on SmackDown!, an unofficial feud erupted between Aksana and Alicia Fox that ultimately could not move any further. On June 12th, 2014, however, WWE made a stunning announcement–Aksana was released from her contract along with other talents, triggering mixed reactions among fans, with some expressing regret at her sudden departure, while some speculated WWE might make room for new Divas to enter WWE Universe while speculation of making room was not confirmed at that time either; her last match took place against Alicia Fox where she lost ultimately.

Aksana decided to transition into a different phase of her life and career after departing WWE, retiring from professional wrestling and taking up Trainers Director at Youfit Health Clubs. Her path took unexpected turns – eventually leaving this role in 2016 to embark on her fitness journey, founding ZivileFit; it ultimately led her back home to Tampa, where she found great fulfillment as a mother to an infant boy.

Aksana took another important step forward in her personal life when she tied the knot in 2021. Although her marriage remained private and low-key, it remained surrounded by love from family, friends, and coworkers. Aksana’s journey is truly remarkable: challenging gender stereotypes during professional wrestling was no small feat, and she is now serving as an inspiration to others – we wish her all of the best in future endeavors and life’s adventures!

Who Is Aksana’s Husband?

Aksana’s personal life has long been the subject of public discussion among her fans due to her dedication to keeping it out of public view. In 2021, Aksana married, marking an important step on her journey. However, details regarding her husband have remained private as the details surrounding their union have yet to be widely released by Aksana herself. Her decision to keep things private speaks volumes about her commitment to family and personal well-being over public display.

Aksana’s decision to keep her personal life out of the public eye is understandable, given the intense scrutiny public figures often undergo. She feels this helps maintain normality while protecting her loved ones’ privacy and maintaining their sense of normalcy. Despite the lack of details regarding Aksana’s partner, it’s clear she has found love and happiness within her relationships, surrounded by the support and warmth of family and friends.

Where Is Aksana Now?

Since her departure from WWE, Aksana decided to explore new opportunities and venture away from professional wrestling. She moved into fitness and training, initially taking up the position of Trainers Director at Youfit Health Clubs, where she could share her expertise while helping others on their health and wellness journeys.

However, her journey did not end there. In 2016, Aksana made an important career step by becoming a personal trainer and founding ZivileFit – marking yet another chapter in her life journey where she continued inspiring people towards healthier and more active lifestyles through fitness training. Aksana’s passion and dedication have undoubtedly left an imprintful mark on those she trained.

Aksana appears to have settled in Tampa, Florida, an idyllic Gulf Coast city known for its cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and thriving community. Tampa appears to be an appropriate setting for Aksana to experience motherhood while simultaneously continuing her professional trainer career.

Aksana’s story is one of resilience and adaptation. From WWE to fitness training and motherhood – she has found great success along the way. Although Aksana may no longer compete on WWE shows, her journey remains fruitful.

Ms. Garr continues to make an enormously positive difference in the lives of her trainees by encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Aksana’s departure from WWE wasn’t a final chapter but marked a new and fulfilling chapter in her life. Although WWE may miss her presence, her legacy still lives on through the fitness training industry and inspires fans who still look up to her story. We look forward to witnessing what Aksana will achieve next and wish her all the success and happiness in future endeavors!

Aksana is an ongoing motivation source in professional wrestling’s ever-evolving world, which often presents obstacles along their journeys to achieving their dreams and surmounting challenges. Her resilience, dedication, and adaptability remind us that even when the spotlight dims, there will always be new opportunities ahead; indeed, Aksana’s story exemplifies life’s exciting adventures – we can’t wait to see where she goes next!

Aksana’s departure from WWE did not end her journey but marked a new and fulfilling chapter of her life. While WWE may miss her presence, her legacy lives on in fitness training circles and among those inspired by her story. We look forward to witnessing where Aksana’s journey will lead next and wish her success and happiness in her future endeavors!

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