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What Happened to Layla? Why did Layla Retire from WWE?

What Happened to Layla? – Are you curious to learn what happened to Layla El, a British beauty who rose to stardom as part of WWE? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into her fascinating journey and discuss why and when she retired, as well as where she currently is now.

Layla’s journey through WWE was truly impressive. She began her journey as the winner of the 2006 Diva Search contest, which earned her entry into its ranks. From this beginning point forward, she made a lasting, impactful career that inspired millions worldwide. So where is Layla now, and why did she decide to leave the wrestling ring competition? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Layla

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Who is Layla?

Before we explore Layla’s wrestling career and subsequent retirement, let’s get acquainted with her as an individual. Born June 25th, 1977, in London, England, Layla El (also known by her nickname) made history during her journey from professional dancer to WWE stardom.

Layla’s dance skills and dedication propelled her into becoming an indispensable member of the Miami Heat dance squad, where her talents allowed her to share stages with celebrated artists like John Legend, P Diddy and Kanye West – however fate had other plans in store for her.

At the suggestion of her trainer, Layla took a risk and participated in the Diva Search contest, an opportunity that would change the trajectory of her life forever. Layla won the competition, earning herself an exclusive contract with WWE and her first appearance being made at SummerSlam 2006. Thus began an extraordinary journey within its squared rings for Layla.

What Has Happened to Layla?

Layla quickly made her mark in WWE. In January 2007, she joined the ECW brand where, along with fellow divas Brooke and Kelly Kelly, she formed an iconic dance group known as the Extreme Expose that delighted audiences worldwide – further cementing Layla’s place among WWE Divas. Their performances became beloved staples among audiences everywhere, and Layla’s star continued its meteoric ascent.

However, her partnership with Michelle McCool in 2009 cemented her legacy. This dynamic duo, commonly referred to as “Lay-Cool,” caused waves in the WWE women’s division when Layla held onto the title for some time and even coined themselves “co-Women’s Champions” when Layla held on for so long – this dynamic partnership truly displayed Layla’s versatility and charismatic presence in action!

Layla reached her career zenith during a 2-on-1 Handicap Match held in May 2010. Layla successfully pins Beth Phoenix, becoming the inaugural British Women’s Champion and ultimately heralding the end of its era before it was retired shortly afterward.

Lay-Cool found themselves experiencing tension after several successful years together, which eventually culminated in a highly anticipated “Loser Leaves WWE Match” at Extreme Rules 2011. Layla emerged victorious; however, her triumph was short-lived as it was soon revealed she had sustained two severe ligament tears: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears and Medial Collateral Ligaments Tears that would sideline her for several months and disrupt their WWE journey.

Why Did Layla Retire from WWE?

Layla returned triumphantly to WWE at Extreme Rules 2012, defeating Nikki Bella to capture the WWE Divas Championship. Layla displayed amazing resilience and determination during her victory; unfortunately, it would only last briefly. Eve Torres soon took over as champion at Night of Champions 2012.

Layla never gave up her pursuit of regaining the title despite setbacks; instead, she engaged in various WWE Divas’ feuds such as Emma and Santino Marella while even entering a brief romance storyline with Fandango. One memorable incident included Layla betraying Kaitlyn to join forces with formidable AJ Lee.

In January 2015, Layla underwent surgery for unknown reasons, prompting speculation as to her future in WWE. In April of that same year, she returned to the ring, unaware that it would mark her final match before officially retiring in July. WWE announced Layla’s departure later that year.

During an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast in April 2021, Layla shared her reasons for retirement. She stated, “I was getting older; midlife now; those days are gone; aging in public can be hard.” Layla revealed she did not wish for the challenges associated with growing older in front of an audience while simultaneously facing physical risks associated with wrestling, thus deciding to retire even if it meant leaving later than anticipated.

Where is Layla Now?

Layla has embarked on an exciting new chapter since her retirement from WWE. In December she tied the knot with former WWE Superstar Ricky Ortiz – marking an important step toward an entirely new life as wife and potential mother in future years.

Layla had numerous plans in store for herself post-WWE. She considered opportunities in both television production and dance and choreography, returning to dance choreography roots was another option she considered; with such diverse abilities and experiences at her disposal, Layla could take part in creative pursuits outside the ring.

Though she has kept much of her personal life private since early 2022, one can speculate about her current activities. It appears that Layla has turned more towards self-actualization and new experiences than professional wrestling, using her platform as an advocate to motivate other women towards fulfilling their dreams and passions.

Layla’s WWE journey was emotionally filled with triumphs and challenges. Her decision to retire was driven by a desire to step away from public scrutiny, avoid physical risks associated with wrestling, and explore new opportunities. While we may never hear more details about her current endeavors, Layla’s story reminds us of the importance of personal growth and following one’s heart.

Layla El, an iconic WWE star who left an indelible mark on wrestling culture and beyond, continues her journey far beyond the wrestling ring. While we may not know all her current activities or whereabouts, she may be now, her journey inspires fans and aspiring individuals worldwide. We wish Layla happiness and success in all her future endeavors!

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