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What happened to Jennifer Dulos? Who Killed Her? Has Jennifer Dulos’ body been found?

On CBS, an episode of48 Hours with Erin Moriarty looks into the sad murder case of Jennifer Dulos, a mother from Connecticut. Fotis Dulos, Jennifer’s estranged husband, was charged with her murder. Later the attention went to Michelle Troconis, who was dating him. Erin Moriarty’s reports probably go into a lot of information about the case, such as the investigation, the court proceedings, and what happened after the terrible events.

Who is Jennifer Dulos?

Jennifer Farber Dulos was born in New York City on September 27, 1968. Her parents were Gloria Ortenberg and Hilliard Farber, who was a banker and public servant. Melisa Irene Farber was her bigger sister. In 1990, Jennifer graduated from Brown University. She then went on to get a master’s degree in writing from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Futis Dulos, who was born in Turkey on August 6, 1967, but grew up in Athens, Greece, married her in 2000. They had five kids together, and each one was named after a Greek Orthodox saint.

Jennifer owned her own blog and was a stay-at-home mom. She also wrote for Patch.com. If there was trouble in their marriage, Jennifer asked for a divorce in 2017 saying Fotis was having an affair with a coworker, Michelle Troconis. She also said Fotis had bought a gun to protect their home because he threatened to take their kids. Fotis broke court orders while having joint custody, so Jennifer was given full physical custody in March 2018.

What happened to Jennifer Dulos? Who Killed Her?

Jennifer Dulos dropped her kids off at school on May 24, 2019, and then went back to her home in New Canaan, Connecticut. Around 8:05 a.m. that morning, surveillance video showed her going home. She did not show up for two doctors’ appointments in New York City later that day, though, which was not like her at all.

When worried friends couldn’t reach her, they reported her missing, which led to a search by the police. At her house, evidence suggested that there had been a physical altercation. Blood was found on her car, in the garage, on a door, and on a wall, which suggests that she may have been attacked there.

Investigators also found proof that people tried to clean up the crime scene by finding garbage bags full of things stained with Jennifer’s blood and throwing them away.  Detectives found clothes that fit Jennifer Dulos, as well as ponchos and zip ties that had been cut. The blood on the things matched Jennifer Dulos’ DNA. Her Chevrolet Suburban was seen leaving her house on surveillance video that morning. Fotis Dulos is thought to have been driving the car and taking Jennifer’s body and other evidence with him.

Detectives thought Fotis Dulos killed her and that Troconis helped plan the killing and get rid of evidence that could be used against him. Jennifer’s disappearance and the events that followed have been very upsetting. Fotis Dulos, his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, and others who are thought to have been involved in her disappearance and assumed murder have been arrested and are being charged in court.

What happened to Jennifer Dulos’s ex-husband Fotis Dulos?

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After Jennifer Dulos went missing, her ex-husband Fotis Dulos, who is the main suspect in her disappearance and presumed murder, was put through a number of court cases. He was caught for the first time in June 2019 and charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing the prosecution in relation to Jennifer’s disappearance. Fotis said he wasn’t guilty of these claims. In January 2020, Fotis was caught again. This time, he was charged with Jennifer’s disappearance and with capital murder, murder, and kidnapping.

Michelle Troconis, who was dating him at the time, was also caught and charged with planning to kill someone. Fotis didn’t show up to a court date in January 2020 while he was out on bail. Later, police found him not breathing in his Farmington, Connecticut, home after he had tried to kill himself by carbon monoxide poisoning. He was taken to the hospital, but two days later they said he was dead. In a suicide note, Fotis Dulos said he did not kill Jennifer Dulos. Fotis’s death stopped the criminal case against him because he was the main suspect in Jennifer’s disappearance and was thought to have killed her.

What happened to Michelle Troconis?

With Jennifer Dulos still missing and thought to be dead, Michelle Troconis was found guilty of plotting to kill and other charges. Troconis maintained her innocence throughout the trial. Her attorney argued that she was unaware of Fotis Dulos’ actions and simply accompanied him on a Starbucks run, unaware of the contents of the bags he disposed of. He also suggested that the smoke seen from their chimney was from burning firewood, not evidence. After six weeks of testimony in 2024, the jury deliberated for just over two days before finding Troconis guilty. After the decision was read, she broke down in tears in court. Troconis is waiting to be sentenced and could spend up to 50 years in jail. Even though she said she wasn’t guilty throughout the trial, the jury found her guilty based on the prosecutors’ proof, which included surveillance footage and witness statements.

Has Jennifer Dulos’ body been found?

No, Jennifer Dulos’s body has not been found. When she disappeared, there were a lot of searches and an investigation that went on for a long time. Her body has not been found, even after many searches and probes. A bloody bra, razor, and zip ties were found in trash cans and shown to the jury during Troconis’ hearing.

Friends and family of Jennifer are still trying to get over the decision. No matter what the verdict was, Jennifer’s body has never been found, which makes her family and friends’ pain even worse. In the midst of their grief, they keep asking themselves what happened to Jennifer and where she might be now.

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