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Murder of Jennifer Dulos: Where is Fotis Dulos’ Girlfriend Michelle Troconis, Now?

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Michelle Troconis, a former ESPN reporter in South America, found herself at the center of a chilling criminal case.  When Michelle Troconis was found guilty of planning with her boyfriend Fotis Dulos to kill Fotis’s ex-wife Jennifer Dulos on March 1, 2024, she broke down in tears in court. This was a sad turn in a case that has been sweeping the country since Jennifer went missing in May 2019.

The terrible 2019 killing of Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos was covered by Journalist  Erin Moriarty in a recent edition of “48 Hours,” which aired on CBS. Fotis Dulos, Jennifer’s ex-husband, was charged with her murder, which made the case famous across the country. Fotis Dulos killed himself, and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was found guilty of planning to kill him with him. She and her family strongly deny this charge. The episode went into great depth about the case.

Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis were seeing each other when Jennifer Dulos went missing. Jennifer had a bad relationship with Fotis Dulos, and the two were getting a divorce. He was living with Michelle Troconis and her daughter Nicole at his house in Farmington, Connecticut. Nicole was born to Argentinian Olympic skier Gaston and Michelle was Gaston Begue’s marketing head for nine years. Detectives said Troconis was working as a spy for Fotis Dulos and helping him make up an alibi. On the day Jennifer went missing, surveillance video showed the couple together, and Troconis was seen with Fotis Dulos as he threw away evidence.

Jennifer dropped her kids off at school in New Canaan, Connecticut, on what seemed like an ordinary day. Then she disappeared without a trace. The police quickly focused on Fotis Dulos, her ex-husband, and Michelle Troconis, who is dating his ex-wife. Fotis Dulos was arrested on murder charges after evidence was found that linked him to the crime, such as his wife’s wet clothes and cleaning supplies. Among other things, Troconis was charged with planning to kill someone.

Prosecutors painted a very bad picture of Troconis’ participation in the crime, even though her family said she was innocent and that Fotis Dulos had lied to her. Prosecutors said that Troconis helped Fotis Dulos make up an alibi because surveillance video showed her with him as he threw away evidence. During the trial, Troconis insisted she was innocent, but there was a lot of proof against her. Fotis Dulos killed himself eight months after Jennifer went missing, which was a sad turn in the case that left many questions unsolved.

Where is Fotis Dulos’ Girlfriend Michelle Troconis?

Michelle Troconis is currently awaiting sentencing in a Connecticut prison after being convicted of conspiring with her boyfriend in the murder of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos. She could spend up to fifty years in jail for her part in the crime. After the judge decided to raise Troconis’s bond from $2.6 million to $6 million, she was taken away in handcuffs. If Troconis posts bond, she will be put under house arrest and electronically watched, when she is sentenced.  Even though Troconis said she wasn’t guilty during the trial, she was found guilty based on the evidence provided by the prosecutors, which included surveillance footage and witness statements. The date of her sentence is May 31, 2024.

Michelle Troconis’s sister Claudia Troconis-Marmol and her family have strongly denied that she is guilty of murdering Jennifer Dulos. In a new interview with “48 Hours,” Claudia Troconis-Marmol spoke out and said that they have an innocent reason for all of the evidence that the prosecution showed. She was also shocked and couldn’t believe the decision, which she called unfair. Michelle’s family continues to stand by her. Her father, Dr. Carlos Troconis, said, “She’s innocent, and we will keep proving that forever.” They think that Fotis Dulos lied to and tricked Michelle and that she didn’t know what he really wanted. Even though Michelle was found guilty, the Troconis family still believes she is innocent and continues to fight for her.

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