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Are you excited to watch The God Committee on Netflix?

the god committee on netflix

Netflix is going to be the place where you can watch The God Committee when it comes out in 2021. Kelsey Grammar and Julia Stiles are going to star in the movie. What you need to know about the movie coming to Netflix and whether or not it’s worth watching is in this post!

At Tribeca in June 2021, the movie was shown for the first time. A month later, the movie was shown on VOD platforms and at some theatres in July 2021. The movie had already been pushed back by this point. It was supposed to come out in April 2020. For now, the God Committee will be available on Netflix in the United States on January 12, 2022. It will also probably be available in other places as well.

Austin Stark, a director from the United States, wrote and made the movie. Perhaps he’s best known for The Runner, which starred Nicholas Cage, Peter and Vandy, and Infinitely Polar Bear, which he made in 2014.

The God Committee Cast

It stars Kelsey Grammar as Dr. Andre Boxer, who heads up a group of people at the hospital who have to make heartbreaking decisions that often lead to people either living or dying. The movie takes place 7 years after a very important decision was made about giving someone a new heart.

Julia Stiles as Dr. Jordan Taylor
Colman Domingo as Father Dunbar
Janeane Garofalo as Dr. Valerie Gilroy
Dan Hedaya as Granger
Peter Kim as Dr. Allen Lau

The God Committee is a movie that you should watch.

The movie has mixed to good reviews from people who have seen it.  If you go to RottenTomatoes, the movie has a 63% rating from 27 reviews and a 5.7 rating on IMDb from people who have seen it. According to their summary, this is what RottenTomatoes, say:

“The God Committee’s strong cast and compelling ethical dilemma are ill-served by a convoluted story with a disappointing tendency toward melodrama.”


Netflix has bought a lot of movies and TV shows in the United States over the last few years. SAS: Red Notice was a big hit in a lot of countries. It was also one of the most popular movies on Netflix in 2021. The Seventh Day, Skylines, and Code 8 are some of the other movies from their library that have been on Netflix recently. In 2019, Netflix itself made a sequel to Code 8, which Netflix also made. In January 2022, ‘The God Committee’ will make its SVOD debut on Netflix.

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