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What We Know: Blumhouse’s Netflix Original Horror Film ‘This Beast’

Following the popularity of films like Fear Street and Army of the Dead, Netflix is expanding its horror offerings in collaboration with Blumhouse, a well-known horror production firm. They will collaborate on the development and production of This Beast, a film based on historical events that occurred in a French town in the 1760s.  Kurt Sutter, on the other hand, is the film’s director, producer, and writer. Continue reading to learn what (tvacute.com) we know so far about the streamer’s latest Original film.

Blumhouse’s producer and CEO, Jason Blum, had this to say about the collaboration:

“We’ve long admired Kurt and his unrivaled storytelling – which is both visceral and emotional in nature. We’re ecstatic that Blumhouse is producing his first Netflix film.”

For Blumhouse, Jason Blum will produce alongside Carla Hacken, who will produce under her Paper Pictures label.

In addition to Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Blumhouse is now working on another high-profile Netflix project with Ryan Murphy called Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. Thriller, a slasher film from Blumhouse, was published on Netflix in 2019. Aside from Netflix, Blumhouse has a 10-year deal with Universal Pictures and has distributed a number of films independently and with other partners.

What is the story behind This Beast?

The following is the synopsis for Netflix’s This Beast:

An 18th century English village is besieged by a mysterious and elusive beast. Dozens of innocents are slaughtered and the mayhem is driven to puritanical heights by religious fanaticism. The impossible task of killing the beast falls to a lowly trapper who promises he can stop the carnage. But for him this hunt is not a professional mission, it’s a deeply personal one.

Is ‘This Beast’ a true story?

The Beast of Gévaudan provided the inspiration for this concept. In the 1760s, a mysterious beast haunted a French village, according to legend. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

Between 1764 and 1767, a man-eating beast or creatures known as the Beast of Gévaudan terrorized the old province of Gévaudan. According to eyewitnesses, the attacks, which spanned 90 by 80 kilometers, were carried out by one or more animals with ferocious teeth and massive tails. The beast is described as a striped hyena, wolf, dog, or wolf-dog hybrid in most reports from the time period.

Often, victims were slain by having their necks ripped out. The Kingdom of France spent a significant amount of money and personnel to hunt down the animals responsible, including aristocrats, soldiers, royal huntsmen, and people. According to the source, the number of victims varies. According to 1987 research, there were 610 attacks, with 500 deaths and 49 injuries; 98 of the victims were partially devoured. According to some reports, the animal or animals murdered between 60 and 100 people and children, as well as injuring more than 30 others. Before the attacks halted, the beast was said to have been slain multiple times.

What is the status of This Beast’s production?

This Beast is presently in production on Netflix, with scripts being produced and pre-production set to begin soon. Production is expected to begin in 2022.

Who is in this Beast’s cast?

No cast members for Netflix’s This Beast have been disclosed as of December 2021.

When will This Beast be available on Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t revealed any release dates for This Beast, but with filming set to begin in 2022, it’ll most likely be released in 2023.

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