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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 20 Recap [Pain] Is Arnheid Dead?

vinland sagas2e20 recap

This episode of Vinland Saga Season 2, titled ‘Pain’, focuses on the war between Canute’s army and Ketil’s men as well as Thorfinn’s determination to mediate and end the fighting.

Vinland Saga: In Season 2, Episode 20, titled ‘Pain’, we witnessed the battle between Canute and Ketil’s forces. Canute’s army quickly beat Ketil’s men on the forefront due to their better battle abilities. One of the main characters, Snake, takes it upon himself to restore order by fighting against Canute’s soldiers, allowing his allies to escape. At the end of the episode, Einar (Shunsuke Takeuchi) and Thorfinn struggle to preserve Arnheid  (Mayumi Sako) to the very end, but they are unable to.  Stick around as (tvacute.com) we break it all down in the Ending Explained.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 20 Recap

In this chapter “Pain”, Canute and Ketil’s armies go to war for the first time, and the chasm in military prowess between them is laid bare. At the front, Canute’s army easily defeats Ketil’s, suggesting the conflict will end quickly. In an effort to restore some semblance of order, Snake engages Canute’s warriors in combat and kills several of them. He tells his allies to go away because they are helpless against the enemy. Ketil’s troops take advantage of the distraction and make their way back to the stronghold.

Ketil (Hideaki Tezuka) is furious when he sees his troops leaving without waiting for orders. He approaches one of the guys and says he won’t forgive his debt if he runs away from the combat. A farmer speaks out, telling Ketil he’s done for and that he should have never questioned the mighty King. He stresses how they’d previously obeyed the king for their own safety. Ketil will soon learn the hard way what happens when you cross someone more powerful than you. Ketil is caught off guard when one of the jomsvikings springs a surprise on him. Canute warns Wulf that Ketil should be caught, not slain, and so Wulf resolves to look into the matter. Canute is now down to only two guards after Wulf’s departure. Thorgill seizes the situation and nearly kills Canute  (Kensho Ono) with a single blow, but the king quickly spins around to defend himself.

Thorgill dispatches the two guards and closes in on Canute, but Wulf returns in time to have a brief skirmish with him. Even if he wins in the end, Thorgill decides to run away from Canute’s warriors. Meanwhile, Einar and Thorfinn (Yuto Uemura) try to save Arnheid till the very end when she takes her last breath. After Arnheid is killed, Einar loses it when Snake shows up carrying Ketil on his back. When Einar discovers his unconscious master murdered Arnheid, he plans to kill Ketil in retaliation. Thorfinn steps in, though, because he knows that seeking vengeance will only lead to greater suffering. Thorfinn understands Einar’s spiteful outlook because he, too, has been consumed by vengeance and turned into a monster.

Thorfinn stops Einar from acting rashly and soothes him. After laying Arnheid to rest, Thorfinn must make a tough choice. The boats for their escape have been readied by Leif, but Thorfinn feels he must solve the conflict on Ketil’s land. Thorfinn is unmoved by Leif’s efforts to discourage him. Thorfinn plans to talk to Canute in an effort to halt the fighting on the farm. Leif sees that Thorfinn has matured a lot as a person while they’ve been apart. He stays put instead of leaving. Thorfinn knows that Canute has gathered about a hundred soldiers to the farm, but he is confident that he and Leif will be able to escape if anything goes wrong.



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