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‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 9 [Aurora] Recap

'Tracker' Season 1 [Aurora] Recap-

In CBS‘s “Tracker season one episode nine, titled “Aurora,” the story revolves around the disappearance of Lana Russo, a 16-year-old girl, and the investigation led by Colter, played by Justin Hartley, to find her. The episode begins with Lana’s father, Gavin Russo, called to identify a dead body, believing it to be Lana’s. However, the body is identified as Jamie, Lana’s friend. Lana’s disappearance remains a mystery, with authorities assuming she drowned along with Jamie. However, Gavin is convinced that Lana is still alive.

Three years later, Colter meets with Gavin, who reveals that Lana and Jamie were supposed to walk home from school together. Jamie was found dead, and Lana went missing. The authorities ruled Jamie’s death as a suicide, but Gavin believes otherwise. He shows Colter a newspaper photo taken two weeks ago at the county fair, believing Lana is in the background.

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Colter consults with Teddi and Velma about the case, learning that Lana and Jamie were social outcasts interested in the supernatural. They were obsessed with an urban legend about a witch haunting an abandoned mental hospital near where Jamie’s body was found. Colter visits the hospital to understand Lana’s state of mind before her disappearance.

Later, Colter receives a better photo of Lana at the fair, confirming she is alive. He meets with Gavin and confirms Lana’s identity in the photo. They suspect Lana is staying away to protect Gavin from someone who is after her. Colter investigates Lana’s friends and discovers Toby Calhoun, who was close to Lana. Toby provides a video they shot at the hospital, revealing a mysterious figure watching them.

Colter and Detective Brock return to the hospital and find evidence of Lana’s presence. They chase down a suspect but discover he is not involved. Colter then visits Maeve Price, Errol’s sister, who is revealed to be Lana’s kidnapper. Maeve had stalked Lana and Jamie, luring them to the hospital with the red string bracelet. She killed Jamie and kept Lana locked up for three years.

Colter rescues Lana, and Maeve is arrested. Lana reunites with Gavin and thanks Colter for finding her. Toby joins them, happy to have Lana back. Detective Brock confirms Maeve’s involvement in Lana’s kidnapping. Colter takes down missing flyers, symbolizing the resolution of Lana’s disappearance. The episode ends with Colter leaving town, having solved Lana’s case.

This Is Us co-star Hartley and episode director Jon Huertas reconnected, saying that his favorite scene was when Colter finds the girl. He talked about how wonderful and difficult it was to conduct the sequence. By using small cameras, they were able to convey the cramped atmosphere of the crawl space, which made the audience more sympathetic to the girl’s plight.

Filmed in Vancouver, Canada, “Tracker” made use of a variety of settings, from eerie, cramped quarters to dramatic murder scenes, to improve the plot. Huertas said that he enjoys the challenges that come with directing and that, for him, the most fulfilling aspect of the job is getting beyond challenges in the form of environmental or logistical ones.

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