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Tracker Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: “St. Louis”


With its fifth episode, “St. Louis,” CBS’s exciting showTracker came back this week. In it, Justin Hartley‘s character Colter goes to the Gateway City on a task that is a little different from what he usually does. This episode showed how determined and good at investigating Colter is by going into a complicated case that could overturn a man’s sentence. Here’s a full rundown of everything that happened in this week’s intense show.

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Tracker Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Colter was going to go to South Dakota at the start of the episode, but he gets a job offer in St. Louis at the last minute. Stephanie, a girl of 16, pays Colter to look for a missing witness in the case against her father Clay. Stephanie thinks this witness is their only chance, even though the chances of showing Clay’s innocence are very low. Colter agrees to take on the case because he is interested in the human issues that are at stake.

Colter meets Stephanie and her mother Deborah in St. Louis. They are pleading for his help and are very upset. Deborah doesn’t think they have a good chance, but Stephanie is still hoping. Stephanie reads out loud a message she got from someone else that hints at the witness’s presence. Colter chooses to look into it more because he wants to find the truth.

As Colter digs deeper, even his coworker Reenie starts to question that Clay is not guilty. Colter is sure, though, that there’s more to the story. He meets Clay in jail. Clay says he is innocent and that he found his business partner Avery running an illegal poker game but did not kill Avery. Clay says that Avery was up to no good, but that they worked out their differences calmly that night.

At the same time, Colter’s friends Teddi and Velma follow the mysterious message to a secret poker game. Colter gets into the game because he thinks that one of the players might be the mystery witness. His guess is right when he finds a female player who fits the description. She says her name is Mallory and says she saw Avery being killed and ran away because she was afraid for her life.

Mallory tells her that Cesar Ashford, Avery’s boyfriend, killed him and is now after her. Colter wants to protect Mallory because he knows she is in great danger. However, their search brings them into a dangerous encounter with Cesar, who is set on putting an end to Mallory and anyone else who stands in his way.

As things get worse, Colter comes up with a risky plan to trick Cesar and his friends. Colter plans a fight that ends in a dramatic rooftop battle with the help of Reenie. Even though the chances are against him, Colter wins and captures Cesar while keeping Mallory safe.

After that, Clay’s conviction is thrown out because of Mallory’s evidence. Mallory gets a new name and a new start, and Colter says goodbye to the Porters, knowing that he has made a big difference in their lives.

“Tracker” keeps giving us exciting stories and interesting characters, and this show was no different. People watch “Tracker” because it has a good mix of drama, excitement, and heart. They can’t wait to see where Colter’s next case takes him.

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