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The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

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“Baby, Baby, Baby,” the first episode of final Season 7 of The Good Doctor,” shows Dr. Shaun Murphy and his wife Lea  (Paige Spara) getting used to life with their new son Steve. Lea and Shaun are having a hard time getting along because Shaun is very focused on sticking to a strict routine for the baby.

At the same time, there is a medical emergency at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital with two babies who need heart donations. The babies are two babies already being cared for at the hospital. One is Eden, Dr. Morgan Reznick’s adopted daughter.

Dr. Shaun Murphy has to figure out how to save both babies, which makes him make hard choices and experience emotional times. The episode also shows how the hospital staff interacts with each other, including the disagreements between Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) and Dr. Audrey Lim over who should be the temporary hospital president.  Along with setting the stage for the rest of the season, the episode shows the characters’ personal and work problems.

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The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of The Good Doctor Season 7, opens with Shaun preparing for work and carefully scheduling his time with his son, Steve. Shaun’s routine, though, appears to bore Lea, who tells him to enjoy his first day back at work. Shaun is depressed after receiving a chilly reception from Glassman at the hospital.

Shaun turns to go and strolls down the hallway past Glassman. He is ignored by Glassman. Shaun enters the elevator with a dejected expression. Park and Morgan are at home. Park reports that Eden is lethargic and is not eating. To get her checked out, they go to the hospital. Asher and Jordan are strolling down the hospital hallway while talking. Jordan claims that she made a deal with Perez to stop talking. They are individuals with lives of their own. Asher concurs. He wants to go out and make poor choices while drinking.

Jared is invited, but he declines. Shaun enters and proudly shows everyone some pictures of Steve, including one in which he was ready to piss. He dashes off to find Audrey after spotting her name on the surgical schedule. Audrey is informing Villanueva that in order to obtain permission to appoint more surgeons, they require an acting board president. At least Villaneuva hopes it’s not O’Brien. Shaun comes in. He desires to assist Lim with her case.

Given that he is a new father, she doesn’t believe it’s a smart idea. It will be an intriguing and difficult case, according to Shaun. Shaun and Audrey meet the parents of a child in need of heart transplantation. When Shaun finds a scratch, he advises them to treat it right away to prevent the baby from getting an infection and losing their right to surgery. Glassman and Lea cross paths on the elevator. Will he disregard them indefinitely? He reassures her that he isn’t and wishes her a happy birth.

Eden’s aortic stenosis needs to be surgically corrected as soon as possible, the physician informs Morgan and Park. Audrey attempts to persuade Glassman to assume the role of board president. He doesn’t want to and doesn’t think O’Brien will succeed. Shaun enlists Jordan and Jared’s help in tending to baby Jack’s wound. Jordan is turned down by Jared to share tacos from a truck. It could take a while for the abscess to heal. Shaun recommends using medicinal maggots. He would offer Steve the same thing. The parents concur. While Eden is having surgery, Morgan meets Jack’s parents in the waiting area. Shaun is disturbed to hear Steve in the background when he phones Lea. The schedule says he’s meant to be taking his nap. Getting irritated, Lea claims she has to leave. Lim informs Park and Morgan that the surgery had to be stopped.

Eden lacks sufficient tissue to carry it out. She requires a fresh heart. Hers is not working. Audrey is informed by Shaun that Jack’s donor heart is prepared. Audrey claims that Eden also needs the heart. A conference is held to decide who should receive the heart. Morgan is adamant on attending and assures them she won’t have any say in the matter. Shaun thinks that even though Eden has other, riskier options, they still exist, hence Jack should have the heart. If Jack doesn’t get a transplant, he will definitely pass away. Eden is placed on ECMO by Shaun, who claims to be the most thorough of all. Because he needed to visit Jerome and had a difficult day, Asher cancels on Jordan.

Lea gets supper from Jordan, who then lets her know how everyone else has someone else. Steve bursts into tears. Even if Lea tries to ignore him, he persists. Jordan is left by herself and feeling hopeless as she leaves to check on him. Glassman’s recommendation of Audrey for interim president irritates Audrey. She doesn’t like that she ticks the diversity box, but he believes she’s a perfect fit. When Shaun gets home, he finds Steve weeping and awake, which bothers him. Lea claims that she dozed off and failed to wake him up from his nap on time.

Shaun speaks first about the timetable. He can’t sleep with the baby sobbing, and he’s not going to Glassman for help—he has to operate on Jack tomorrow. He’s asked to sleep on the couch by Lea. Shaun dreams that she had surgery. Saying that they can save both babies with one heart, he dashes to the hospital. Shaun discusses his concept. After extracting Jack’s heart, the valves—which function properly despite his cardiac condition—can be taken out and substituted into Eden’s heart. While there is little risk to Eden, Jack would need to be on a bypass longer to make sure the sick heart’s valves are not harmed during the procedure. That’s not what Morgan wants to do to the Pierces. They can always refuse, Shaun replies. Mrs. Pierce is glad to carry it out. She’s hoping to help keep Morgan’s kid alive.

Lea, meantime, finds it annoying that the baby app is alerting her when Steve needs to snooze via a gadget that looks like Alexa. She gives Shaun a call. He claims he prefers to be involved in Steve’s life even if he lives far away and dislikes having to spend the night at the hospital. He yearns for them. Now he needs to head to the operating room. Shaun is asked to wait a minute by Audrey. She advises the female board member to name Glassman, pointing out that he is a senior and already experienced in the position—a further advantage for an underrepresented minority.

Audrey gives Jared and Jordan the task of working on Jack and winning his heart. Jordan asks Jared what’s wrong with her at the helipad. He claims that the reason he left was because she disregarded Perez’s orders and gave him narcotics. Jordan believes that while everyone else is moving on, she is not. Park, Morgan, and the Pierces await word. Morgan receives a rosary from Mrs. Pierce. Shaun takes a bit longer than anticipated to extract Jack’s former heart.

Audrey claims they are pressed for time. That’s when he realizes. Lea makes an effort to convince Steve to go to bed on time. He refuses to. Shaun visits the other OR with the old heart. The valves are larger than predicted, according to Audrey. This needs to function. Lea nods off with Steve nestled against her chest. It’s feeding time, and the alarm wakes them both. Eden comes to a stop. Shaun advises shocking her. It appears to be ineffective. The surgeons, however, appear in the following scene and inform the parents of both sets of patients that the procedure went well. Shaun returns home to visit his infant, but Lea needs to go to sleep and Steve is wailing. Jordan receives food from Jared. The board notifies Glassman and Lim that they will both serve as acting presidents. When Glassman gets home, he finds Shaun in the hallway trying to console the infant. He promises to take him. Proclaiming to be Grandpa, he holds the infant.

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