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How “The Good Doctor” Series Finale Ended?

The Good Doctor

The series ending of “The Good Doctor” called “Goodbye,” ended Dr. Shaun Murphy’s journey in a heartbreaking way and wrapped up a lot of important plots and character arcs. Here’s a full rundown of what happened in the finale:

The first part of the episode picks up where the last one left off, with cliffhangers. Glassman tells Shaun (Freddie Highmore)  that his cancer has come back and will kill him. At the same time, Claire passes out in Kalu’s arms from an infection she got after surgery.

Shaun is eager to help Glassman get better so that he can live longer. Even though Shaun tries to get Glassman to get help and Lea and Lim are there for him, he decides not to go to treatment and instead spends his last days with his family and friends.

At the same time, Claire’s infection stops responding to antibiotics, which makes her situation very bad. To fight the virus, Shaun comes up with a unique way to use bacteriophages. Shaun is motivated to save Claire, even though the process is very hard and takes a long time.

Claire’s condition is getting worse, so Kalu recommends cutting off her arm to save her life. Claire tells Kalu from the bottom of her heart that she loves him, and he returns the love, not wanting to say goodbye so soon after they got back together.

Shaun is having a hard time trying to find a bacteriophage that can fight Claire’s sickness. The FDA has even turned him down. Shaun has to make a tough choice. He decides to give Claire the treatment, even though it could cost him his medical license.

In a moving moment, Glassman steps in to back Shaun’s choice, showing how close they are and how Glassman accepts Shaun’s fate. The treatment works, and Claire’s life is saved, but she loses her arm, which means she can no longer be a surgeon.

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In the end, 10 years have passed, and Shaun gives Glassman a kind of eulogy in a TED Talk that he dedicates to his mentor. He is now the Head of Surgery at St. Bonaventura. Lea, Steve, his little sister, Claire, Kalu, and their daughter, as well as some other well-known people, join him.

Shaun talks about his journey and the Dr. Alan Glassman center for neurodiversity in medicine, which he and Claire co-run. The episode ends on a hopeful note, showing how much Shaun has changed and grown over the course of the series.

In interviews, the show’s producers and cast members talked about how important the finale’s main events were, such as Glassman’s death, Claire’s sacrifice, and Shaun’s growth. People liked how the ending made them feel and how it ended Shaun’s story in a satisfying way.

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