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Snowfall Season 6: Did Franklin kill Teddy’s father?

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We knew coming into tonight’s episode 5 of Snowfall on FX that the situation was going to get particularly dark, but we weren’t prepared for just how black they would get. In the fifth episode of season 6, Snowfall, we find out if Franklin is responsible for the death of Teddy’s father. He pulls off an unexpected act of revenge just when we thought he couldn’t get any more ruthless. The stakes in Franklin and Teddy’s feud are raised when, in the spirit of “an eye for an eye,” Franklin delivers a blow to Teddy.

At the end of this week’s episode “Ebony and Ivory”, Franklin ( (Damson Idris), Veronique, and Cassandra set out on their mission to retrieve Franklin’s $73 million from Teddy (Carter Hudson). In the first scene, Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler) and Cassandra (Tamara Taylor) set off for Kansas City in pursuit of a man named Colonel McDonald (John Diehl), who we eventually find is Teddy’s father. Once again, they get embroiled in a plot. They begin their plot by conducting covert surveillance of a structure in the middle of the night in Kansas City.

The mother and daughter hatch a plot to steal Teddy’s father from the nursing home where he was staying and return him to his family.  The colonel reveals that he has lung cancer and expresses sorrow over not making amends with Teddy before their relationship deteriorated.  When Franklin finally catches up with them, he calls Teddy to let him know that he’s with McDonald’s. but Teddy seems unfazed by the news at first. If Teddy doesn’t return the money, Franklin threatens to kill Teddy’s father.

When Teddy says he can’t. This was the moment daring Franklin decided to take his father’s life. he puts a knife to McDonald’s neck. Veronique and Cassandra watch in dread, aghast that Franklin would go to such lengths. Franklin then leads his lover and her mother out of the building before setting it on fire, leaving Teddy’s father to perish in the flames.  Killing Teddy’s father is the only horrible thing Franklin has done over the years. At the end of the series, it seems increasingly likely that both Franklin and Teddy will experience repercussions for their acts, but exactly what those repercussions will remain a mystery.

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