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Lover Stalker Killer: Where is Killer Liz Golyar Now?

In the interesting world of true crime stories, Netflix‘s “Lover Stalker Killer is a scary story with a love triangle, harassment, and murder as its main plot points. This documentary, which was directed by Sam Hobkinson and made by Curious Films, goes into great detail about a terrible story that broke people’s lives.
A documentary about the life of Dave Kroupa, a man who chooses to try online dating after being in a relationship for a long time.  As Kroupa gets involved with Liz Golyar and Cari Farver, two single mothers, the story takes surprising turns. This sets the stage for a story that disturbs readers. What happened to Liz Golya? Where is she now? tvacute looks into the details
Lover Stalker Killer: Where is Dave Kroupa Now?

 Who is Liz Golyar?

The documentary “Lover Stalker Killer” tells a frightening true crime story with Shannen “Liz” Golyar at its center. In 2012, Dave Kroupa met Golyar on an online dating site. Kroupa had just become single and was looking to start dating again. Their relationship changed when Kroupa told Golyar he wanted to get married, even though he wasn’t looking for a long-term romance.
Croupa met Cari Farver, another single mother when she went to his auto shop. This made the story more complicated. Kroupa and Farver became friends, which led to Golyar and Farver running into each other in Kroupa’s apartment hallway. Golyar said she was getting her things together, which started a chain of events that turned into a sad and twisted love triangle.
Kroupa and Farver kept seeing each other for another two weeks, until November 13, 2012, when Farver didn’t show up after spending the night with Kroupa. Even though Farver wasn’t there in person, she kept in touch with Kroupa through frightening texts. It was also said that Golyar got messages from Farver telling her to stay away from Kroupa.
As cops Ryan Avis and Jim Doty looked into the case, the shocking truth came to light. It came out that Golyar was behind a campaign of murder, kidnapping, and threats. She not only killed Farver, but she also used digital contact to pretend to be Farver, making herself look like the victim. To hide her murder, she sent up to 50,000 text messages and 15,000 emails for three years as Farver. To get what she wanted, she burned down her own house, killed her pets, and shot herself in the leg. As part of the lie, dangerous texts were sent to Kroupa and his family, which caused a lot of confusion for years.

Cari Farver’s Killer: Where is Killer Liz Golyar Now?

Shanna Golyar now-

Shannen “Liz” Golyar is currently serving her sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Facility for Women. This prison is in York, Nebraska.  Golyar was given a life term without the chance of parole after being found guilty of first-degree murder in the case of Cari Farver.  The complicated web of lying, stalking, and finally murder hit its peak when she was found guilty in court. The courts decided that Golyar’s acts were bad enough to warrant a life sentence, which meant she would never be able to get parole.
As shown in the documentary “Lover Stalker Killer,” Golyar’s case is a scary warning of the problems that can happen when obsession and lying take root in personal relationships. The legal consequences of Golyar’s actions show how bad her crimes were. They bring some justice to the sad story of Cari Farver and the people whose lives were touched by this strange love triangle.

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