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Lover Stalker Killer: Where is Dave Kroupa Now?

Dave Kroupa- now
Netflix ‘s documentary “Lover Stalker Killer,” tells a scary story of a love triangle that takes a sad turn that breaks people’s lives. The movie, which was directed by Sam Hobkinson, who is known for “Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia,” tells a story of murder, abuse, and digital lies.
Based on real events, the story is about Dave Kroupa, a father of two from Nebraska who started online dating in 2012 after ending a long-term relationship. He had no idea that this seemingly innocent search for friendship would lead him into a web of lies, manipulation, and murder. It tells a story by showing the subtleties of Kroupa’s relationships, the scary messages that turned his life upside down, and the shocking truth about a horrible crime. tvacute delves into all he details.

Who is Dave Kroupa?

Dave Kroupa, a mechanical and father of two from Nebraska, got caught in a rough love triangle. After ending a long-term relationship in 2012, Kroupa tried online dating, which put her in touch with Liz Golyar and Cari Farver 37-year-old single mother from Iowa. Cari Farver walked into Kroupa’s auto shop and they started talking in 2012. After ending a romance, Kroupa wasn’t looking for anything serious. On their first date, he made it clear that he didn’t want to be tied down. Cari Farver seemed to be okay with this plan, and they both agreed to keep things light and fun.
Dave Kroupa signed up for an online dating service too and met a woman named Liz. He talks about Liz as being happy, active, and interested in bikes like him. Kroupa felt like he was living his dating dream because he was seeing two great women.   As things went on, Farver suddenly vanished, leaving behind a trail of threatening texts sent from her phone. Kroupa didn’t know that these texts were part of a dangerous plan by Golyar. Nancy Raney, Farver’s mother, became suspicious and finally called the police.
Detectives Ryan Avis and Jim Doty led the investigation that followed, which revealed a shocking truth: Golyar had not only kidnapped and killed Farver, but he had also planned a complex scheme using digital deceit. Kroupa was very important in finding the truth during Golyar’s hearing because she cooperated fully with the police. As the video shows, being in the middle of a web of lies and manipulation can be very scary.

Where is Dave Kroupa Now?

When everything was over and the trial was over in 2017, Dave Kroupa decided to stay out of the public eye. Dave Kroupa, who is 46 years old and now an independent business owner who lives in Omaha, Nebraska has decided not to be public on social media sites, which shows that he is trying to keep his privacy.  In “Lover Stalker Killer,” a Netflix documentary, Kroupa first times comes out and talks about how the experience drove him crazy and made it hard to tell the difference between reality and his fantasy.

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