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One Life Movie Locations: Where was One Life filmed?

One Life Movie Location

One Life,” a British historical drama released in 2023 and directed by James Hawes, has won hearts with its moving story about Nicholas Winton, a British humanitarian. The film is based on Barbara Winton’s book “If It’s Not Impossible…The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton.” The movie takes place before World War II and tells the amazing story of Winton’s efforts to save groups of Jewish children from German-occupied areas in 1938 and 1939. This historical drama comes to life with a great group that includes Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn. They show how strong and caring people were when war was coming. tvacute is going to get to the heart of “One Life” and look at the important parts that make it so moving.

Where was One Life filmed?

London, England, and Prague, Czech Republic, are two different but important places where “One Life” was filmed. “One Life” was created over two months, from August to October 2022.

An important part of the movie’s visual story is the beautiful city of Prague, with its winding streets and old buildings. When director James Hawes thought back on shooting, he talked about how much being in Prague affected him. Not only did the city serve as a setting for the story, but it also lived through the events shown in the movie.
Hawes talked about filming in Prague: “It was incredibly powerful to be filming in Prague and have people stopping us all the time to talk about how their family was connected to it.” The people of the city seemed to be filled with pride as they saw that the movie wasn’t just about a historical event, but also about a part of their own story.
The places where “One Life” was filmed are important not only for how the movie looks but also for how it makes you feel about the real people and events in Nicholas Winton’s story. The director, James Hawes, said that he got the idea to film in Prague from a personal link to the story.
Hawes said, “I heard of Nicholas Winton’s story the way most people did, which is that clip on YouTube, guaranteed to make you cry any time of the day or night or week or year.” He had a deeper link to the story because he had worked as a trainee researcher on a show with Winton before. This made the filming process a moving journey for him.
The creators, actors, and the places where the movie was filmed all worked together to make the project feel more real. Helena Bonham Carter joined the group and played Winton’s mother, Babi Winton. She added to the emotional depth of the movie. Well-known players like Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Flynn, Jonathan Pryce, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, and Lena Olin were in the movie, which showed how serious it was about telling the true story of the events.
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