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Night Swim (2024) Filming Locations: Where was ‘Night Swim’ filmed?

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In the world of supernatural horror, “Night Swim” became a terrifying show in 2024, drawing people in with its spooky story and tense atmosphere. The movie introduces us to the Waller family. It was directed by Bryce McGuire in his first full-length movie, and it’s based on a short film of the same name that he made with Rod Blackhurst in 2014. The movie, stars Wyatt Russell, Kerry Condon, Amélie Hoeferle, and Gavin Warren.

Night Swim Movie Plot

“Night Swim” is about the Waller family, led by Ray Waller (Wyatt Russell), a former baseball player who quits because of a sickness that makes him weak. The family moves into a new house with a swimming pool in the garden to start over. They have no idea that this seemingly perfect amenity is home to a malicious supernatural force. As soon as the family gets settled in, they realize there is a ghost in their pool, which sets off a chain of scary events. The story looks at what happens when the mysterious and the everyday come together, turning a home into a nightmare. tvacute is going to get to the heart of “Night Swim and look at the important parts that make it so moving.

When Night Swim (2024) was filmed?

“Night Swim” went through a very careful process to get from the idea to the big screen.  It all started with Bryce McGuire’s short film “Proof of Concept,” which was a five-minute test shot in the garden of musician Michelle Branch in 2014. The idea for the feature-length version came from this short project with Megalyn Echikunwoke. The official version came together with McGuire’s direction and writing, and filming began in April 2023. The film was mainly shot in 34 days, starting on April 11, 2023, in Altadena, California, and moving to different spots in Los Angeles.

Where was ‘Night Swim’ filmed?

 “Night Swim” was filmed in Los Angeles County, California. Los Angeles, which is the county seat, was very important in offering the main filming locations. In particular, the film crew set up shop in the Chatsworth area, which is where many important scenes were filmed. The cast and team were filming important scenes on the streets of Santa Clarita, which was seen by many people.
Some important parts of the movie were also filmed in Altadena, a rural area and census-designated place in Los Angeles County’s Verdugo Mountains. Choosing to use different places in the county gave the movie’s visual story more depth and realism.
When Bryce McGuire talked to Above the Line, he talked about the movie’s unique swimming pool, which is another character in “Night Swim.” McGuire said that about eighty-five percent of the pool scenes were filmed in a real home pool. For the last 15%, especially the scenes in the third act that take place in a different world, they were made in a modified Olympic-sized outdoor pool in Chatsworth.
The director stressed how important planning was because safety was the most important thing, especially since the movie was mostly about water. Actors, especially Kerry Condon, had to follow certain safety rules because she spent a lot of the movie underwater. McGuire praised Condon’s dedication to the physical demands of her part, pointing out the real danger and sense of urgency that came through in her performance.


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