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Garth Davis Movie: Where was ‘Foe’ filmed?

 Garth Davis directed “Foe” (2023) a science fiction psychological thriller.   Adapted from Iain Reid‘s 2018 novel of the same name, “Foe” plays with viewers’ perceptions and explores pressing issues including environmental collapse and artificial intelligence.  starring Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, and Aaron Pierre, which promises to be a fascinating look at personal connections, environmental disaster, and AI.

Foe Movie Plot

Hen (Saoirse Ronan) and Junior (Paul Mescal) are a married midwestern couple in 2065. Their shaky bond reflects the bleak terrain devastated by decades of climate change. The plot twists when a mystery visitor (Aaron Pierre) appears with a proposal that changes the couple’s reality. Junior learns he’s going to a big space station and leaves Hen with a robot. This twist sets up a brilliantly created and executed science-fiction drama.  tvacute is going to get to the heart of “Foe” and look at the important parts that make it so moving.

Where was ‘Foe’ filmed?

Filming “Foe” from January to April 2022 brought its cinematic brilliance to life. The dedicated cast and crew worked hard to bring Garth Davis’ science fiction thriller to life, infusing each frame with heart.

Foe (2023) Filming Locations:


Victoria, Australia is a key place in “Foe”‘s stunning scenery. Docklands Studios Melbourne, Geelong, and the evocative Winton Wetlands in northeast Victoria hosted most of the filming. Docklands Studios Melbourne, 476 Docklands Dr, Docklands, VIC, hosted some of the film’s most thrilling scenes.
The film’s story revolves around Winton Wetlands’ haunting beauty and misery. Garth Davis, director of “Lion,” saw this powerful spot during a scouting expedition in Canada and realized it might add unprecedented depth to the story. With drowned river red gums, the 1969 marshes flooded to create Lake Mokoan adding history and melancholy to the film.
The filmmakers used Winton Wetlands’ magnificent and ideal fit for the plot despite the wetlands’ inherent changeability and encounters with snakes and cockatoos. Shooting in Victoria gave realism to the story and injected $32 million into the local economy, creating 950 employment for Victorian actors and crew.
The movie “Foe” has received positive feedback from both creators and the local community. Garth Davis was proud to film in Victoria, especially on Yorta Yorta country in the Winton Wetlands. The plot was enhanced by the flooded river red gums and changing wetlands.
The Australian Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities, and the Arts, Hon Paul Fletcher, noted that filming “Foe” in Victoria demonstrated Australia’s continued appeal for large-scale film productions. The Victorian and Federal Governments helped make the production possible and sustain local film industry jobs.
Winton Wetlands restoration manager Lisa Farnsworth hoped Amazon Studios’ movie would draw tourists and raise awareness. Even in their dry state, the film is expected to demonstrate the wetlands’ development and the Winton Wetlands Restoration Project’s work.

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