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NCIS Season 20 Episode 22 Recap [Finale] Did Nick Torres commit murder, Someone?

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As the 20th season draws to a close of the longest-running show NCIS, our beloved character Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) finds himself behind bars. It seems that his imprisonment may be linked to a potential terror threat on American soil, but this mission also forces Torres to confront some painful memories from his past. And in a heartwarming turn of events, the beloved NCIS historian Ducky (played by David McCallum) returns just in time for the finale.  Here (tvacute.com) is the conclusion of NCIS Series Finale, in case you were curious.

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Yuri Valkov (Themo Melikidze) was relieved to be going to jail. He was confident that the wealth and influence of his family would keep him safe in the new country. Later on, he found prison to be a cakewalk. In other words, he hired thugs. He went so far as to hire bodyguards. Yuri had found a comfortable niche in prison. The guards were tasked with ensuring that he did not have any housemates or direct neighbors, and he gladly obliged. Until Torres came along and changed everything, everything was fine. Torres posed as a prisoner to gain access. He was put in the cell opposite Yuri. Yuri took offense to this and sought power over Torres. Torres posed as Manuel Delgado to fool people. The name Manny was adopted as his nickname.

The narrative for Manny Delgado involved him being apprehended after an armed robbery. He got ten years in prison for his crime. Since this isn’t his first brush with the police, he has no chance of an appeal being granted. Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) did a fantastic job as Manny. He proved that he was unfazed by his incarceration. And he assured Yuri that nobody could scare him away. Yuri had tried to intimidate him into being a nice neighbor by approaching him, but Torres had none of it. He proved he wouldn’t give in lightly. He made the mistake of going up against Yuri, who was aware of the presence of the undercover spy.

Kostya Valkov (Ilia Volok) was the father of Yuri. He had a prominent career as a KGB spy throughout the Cold War. He has now risen to the position of Russian mob boss and continues to keep close ties to the Russian government. He now has designs on carrying out a terrorist assault inside the United States. His son Yuri was there to lend a hand. Something major was on the horizon, Yuri told spy Evelyn Shaw (Juliette Goglia). That his father had plotted a violent assault. Only she knew that NCIS had an agent on the inside of Yuri’s prison, thus they could not provide her with witness protection due to her lack of knowledge.

In this episode, Reymundo De Leon (Michael Garza), a teenage prisoner who thinks he was set up for a fraud he didn’t commit, is chatting to an older white man, which worries Torres, an undercover agent.  Torres and Reymundo are dubious of the man’s motives as Reymundo reveals that the man is his mother’s boyfriend who pledged to assist with his court battle. Kostya was paying at least one of Evelyn’s prison guards. He was the one who gave permission for Evelyn’s cellmate to make an attempt on her life. The bunkmate was unsuccessful, but the guard assured her that she was secure for the time being because no one knew whether or not NCIS had also placed someone at her prison. Evelyn shared the guard’s comments with Knight (Katrina Law). They saw that Torres had been tampered with. They reached for him and attempted to pull. He would not reveal his identity. He claimed to be learning a lot of useful things. From behind bars, Yuri was able to maintain touch with his son.

The guards had provided Yuri with a cell phone. Torres observed Yuri talking on his mobile device. They hacked the phone when he informed his team about it. They uncovered Yuri’s father’s plot to disrupt the United States electrical infrastructure. If that were to ever occur, the DOD has studied the consequences. Ducky (David McCallum) refers to as a “Black Sky.”  It was speculated that if the power went out, all governments would collapse. It reminded me a lot of an old NBC sitcom that had ended a while back. Everything would fall apart, and lawlessness would return to the country as it was more than a century ago.

Everyone dreaded an onslaught like this. They were eager to learn as much as they could from Yuri. For Torres’s sake, they made up a high school. His entire cover story was thoroughly investigated. Yuri was on the verge of trusting him when his own people assassinated him. Yuri had told the truth before he passed away. He came clean about having a sister. A hateful sister. She was daddy’s little princess, therefore he did nothing to stop her from treating him terribly. The name “Anastasia” was misheard as the name of the attack.

A team member named Kasie sees Boris approach Torres with a shiv while watching the security footage. Kasie promptly sounds the prison alarm, which is disruptive. In the midst of the chaos, Lev, another henchman, snatches the blade and unintentionally stabs Yuri while Torres fends off Boris. Torres and Lev are returned to NCIS’s main office as a result of this turn of events. After arriving there, Torres calls his sister to let her know that he has located someone and that they are still alive and still acting in ways that suggest a personal grudge.

Torres never made a personal connection. When they contacted one of Yuri’s murderers, they were still using the guise of an attack. Yuri’s henchman Lev (Chris Petrovski) claimed his allegiance was to Kostya. It was widely believed that Kostya had personally given the order to kill his own son. They felt Kostya was clearing the decks so no one would find out about his scheme. Parker (Gary Cole) was made to act as Lev’s “attorney,” as planned. Lev provided him with flight details. Somebody was using a private aircraft to go to the United States, as evidenced by the data.

And then it got dark in the city. The lights are out. Communication was strictly by radio. Kostya’s jet was scheduled to land in the same city where Evelyn had been given refuge as a witness. The two finally put two and two together and realized that Anastasia was Yuri’s sister. A shortened form of Anastasia. It was a nickname for the Russian princess Viktoria Valkov and a nickname for a real person. Another name for Evelyn. Evelyn spent months playing them all. She had planned this attack and was attempting to hack the electrical grid using a computer.

NCIS Season 20 Finale Recap Ending Explained!

Evelyn was located in the residence. Her guards were dead at her hands. As a result, they ended up killing her dad. And then they took Viktoria into custody. Without her father’s protection, she now faces a lengthy sentence in an American prison. When the electricity is successfully restored by McGee and a group of hackers, another team member, Knight, checks in with Torres as the group gets ready to celebrate. However, Torres learned that a potentially dangerous person from his past was still active and living. Torres, on the other hand, waits for Reymundo’s mother’s boyfriend rather than taking part in the festivities. Torres visited the man’s residence. The man calls Torres “Nicky” and says he has changed. With a revolver in his hand, Torres approaches the man and declares that he wants to see the man die. It hints about a past relationship or personal grudge. In tonight’s episode, he finally revealed his true intentions to the strange man: he plans to watch him die. Who is this guy, anyway? If Torres hates him so much, why? Can we expect a murder from Torres? This dramatic cliffhanger marks the episode’s conclusion.


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