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[MGM+]FROM Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Is Ellis dead? Explained!

FROM s2e6 Recap: Is Ellis dead?

On the latest episode of FROM, the spine-chilling mystery series on MGM+, things are heating up as episode 6 takes the pace and action to new heights. As The townsfolk face an impending food shortage, Donna (Elizabeth Saunders) grapples with the decision of whether or not to disclose this information. In this episode, Sheriff Boyd’s condition is further explored as he battles against the monsters outside. Despite struggling, he manages to come up with a new technique to fight them off. Here is the conclusion of FROM Season 2 Episode 6, in case you were curious (tvacute.com).

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Sheriff Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) goes through a lot in episode 6 of “From,” and it all adds to the mystery. Boyd has just finished talking with Tian-Chen (Elizabeth Moy) in a diner and comes to the deserted and disordered church structure. A monstrous ballerina appears to him in a hallucination so lifelike he can almost touch her. When Boyd bangs his head on the floor, he bleeds profusely. Kenny (Ricky He) helps him out and tags along as they go to Kristi’s office. While traveling, Boyd experiences another hallucination, which escapes Kenny’s attention.

Boyd describes his experience with Martin and the worms under Martin’s skin during a visit to the clinic. He tells Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot) he doesn’t want to end up as Martin did and begs her to do it if he has to. Boyd’s hallucinations persist, and the ballerina now appears to be attacking him once more. But then Mari walks in, and for a split second, Boyd points his gun at her before understanding she isn’t a threat at all. Kenny is of the opinion that Boyd is showing symptoms of dementia brought on by his Parkinson’s condition.

Meanwhile, Town Leader Donna is trying to keep a potential food shortage a secret in order to prevent panic. The County House’s management team of Ellis  (Corteon Moore )and Fatima can’t seem to get along. Fatima’s fear over her own possible pregnancy and the future of the town’s population is exposed. Donna brings provisions to the Matthews household, and Jim Matthews (Eion Bailey) concludes that the family may have been purposefully kept hungry for dramatic effect. When young Ethan admits he’s tired and wants to go home, he and Donna have a nice chat about it.

Dale and Elgin (Nathan D. Simmons) get into a furious argument after the residents of County House notice the food supply is running low. Ellis steps in to prevent Dale (Cliff Saunders) from harming himself, but the latter stabs Ellis in the process, necessitating a perilous trip to the hospital. In a tense scenario, Elgin drives Fatima (Pegah Ghafoori) and wounded Ellis. They get there and are welcomed inside by Kristi. Ellis needs a blood transfusion, but at first, Boyd refuses to contribute his diseased blood in order to save him.

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But now, Boyd’s mind is racing with a new idea inspired by Kenny’s sacrificial offer. As Boyd has an epiphany, he discovers a new solution to his problem. Rather than burdening his human companions with his curse, he decides to attempt transferring it onto the monsters. Boyd impulsively flees the clinic and taunts the monsters, daring them to approach and strike him. As the group of monsters draws near, Boyd slices a deep wound into his palm and uses his hand to strangle one of the creatures by the throat.

As Boyd’s hand opens, he senses a mysterious force slipping away, yet the curse’s grip on him remains unbroken. Suddenly, the monstrous creature lets out a blood-curdling scream and collapses to the earth in agony mere moments later. Boyd and Kenny keep a watchful eye on the monster’s body throughout the night, reporting that it remains completely motionless. This could be a sign that the creature is truly deceased. Boyd’s blood appears to be clean, so he decides to give it to Ellis. Everyone cheers as Ellis makes a full recovery. Kenny admits that he was first skeptical of Boyd, but now he’s ready to back him up.


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