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[Finale] Fatal Attraction Episode 8 Recap: Ending! Who Killed Alex?

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The two-part series finale of Paramount+’s version of “Fatal Attraction” features a surprising turn in the plot.  The first episode, “Best Friends,” delves into Alex’s upbringing and the poisonous relationship between her parents. Both her mother’s abandonment and her father’s brutality had a profound effect on her. She eventually uproots to LA, abandoning her father in the process. Later, she and Dan Gallagher (Joshua Jackson) get back together, but she keeps their relationship a secret from him.

Dan tells Beth (probably his wife) after Alex’s death that he will have to lie about the affair in court so as not to sway the jury. However, Alex’s long-thought-dead father suddenly appears as a witness in the trial. He has a picture that Alex Forrest (Lizzy Caplan) sent him of her and Dan on the beach with another figure named Quincy, which proves that Dan was unfaithful to Alex. Stella continues having an affair with Professor Macksey, as Ellen discovers through her spying on her in the current day. Dan, meantime, has had his appeal for a new trial turned down. The judge stresses Dan’s history of lying to the police, the court, and the parole board. Because of this, the judge will not give him a second chance. (tvacute.com) here’s a rundown of what happened in the finale episode titled “Caregiving”.

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[Finale] Fatal Attraction Episode 8 Recap

Previously on our show, Beth Gallagher (Amanda Peet) and Alex finally come face to face in the same spot where the previous episode left off. Beth is an inquisitive character who craves knowledge and understanding. However, she must come to the realization that nothing she says or believes is based on reality. Alex weighs her options: either fight and risk humiliation or accept defeat. In a dramatic turn of events, she reveals to Beth that she is with a child, but Beth remains skeptical of her claim. Beth reflects with Ellen on the day Alex stole her in a flashback.

In the present day, we find Ellen and Dan at a dimly lit bar, deep in conversation about his rejected retrial. “Will he appeal?” she asks, her eyes fixed on him. Uncertainty clouds his expression as he ponders his next move. Another year of waiting is not something he’s eager to endure if his appeal is denied. Dan’s new coworker at the law firm has offered to lend his considerable intellect should the need arise. As he exits, he teasingly requests that Dan spill the true tale of his and Alex’s relationship at some point, much to Dan’s chagrin.

In the finale episode, We see Mike, Detective Earl Booker (Reno Wilson), and Dan enjoying a meal together. Earl reads the case file and curiously asks who they suspect committed the crime. Earl is convinced that Dan is the culprit, but he needs to see the evidence for himself. Mike persuades him to come along on the investigation.  Stella takes matters into her own hands and meets Ellen Gallagher (Alyssa Jirrels) about the confidential information leak that led to her expulsion from the college.  Beth takes charge and hosts a dinner party with her friends Dan and Mike. However, tensions rise as Arthur Tomlinson (Brian Goodman) feels uneasy at the table. He’s the kind of husband who’s always there to lend a helping hand. As the dinner unfolds, we cut to a poignant montage of Arthur’s past with his late ex-wife.

Arthur shows up at Alex’s residence building, pretending to be busy with something. The camera captures him as he stealthily infiltrates her apartment and begins to search for clues. In the next scene, Arthur tends to his wife before receiving a distressing call from a tearful Beth regarding the ongoing case. Determined to aid her, he embarks on a mission. As the scene unfolds, we hear Alex’s panicked voice on the phone with her father, recounting the unsettling words that Dan had uttered before departing from her home. He instructs her to gather her belongings and make her way to his residence, where they will devise a plan.

Fatal Attraction Episode 8 Recap: Ending! Who Killed Alex?

As Alex hastily packs her belongings, Beth’s best friend and business partner Arthur Tomlinson bursts into the apartment and swiftly restrains her in a chokehold. As the camera pans in, we witness Alex’s valiant struggle to survive. Despite her best efforts, her assailant manages to overpower her, choking the life out of her. Or so he believes. As she awakens and reaches for her phone, Arthur seizes the kettlebell and strikes her, ultimately ending her life. In a stunning revelation after seven episodes of suspenseful buildup, it is finally revealed that Arthur is the culprit behind Alex’s untimely demise.  In the season finale of Fatal Attraction, all of the secrets and lies finally come to a head. The tension reaches a boiling point as the characters are forced to confront the consequences of their actions. Ellen, after dinner, expresses to Dan her unwavering desire for him to persist with his appeal. She embraces him, revealing a sentiment that he has seldom received from her since his release from prison.

As the season draws to a close, we flashback to a meeting between a young Ellen and Alex. During this encounter, Ellen imparts a valuable lesson about the importance of discerning who to trust and who to avoid. In the present day, Ellen’s unwavering determination led her to pursue what she had always desired: Richard Macksey (David Meunier). In a surprising turn of events, the professor returned home to find his house occupied by an unexpected guest. The intruder was none other than a student, who had taken it upon herself to rearrange words from recordings of the professor’s lectures. The result? A message of a most amorous nature, directed at none other than herself. “You seem angry with me,” she said, channeling Alex’s tone. Are you angry with me?

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